Blogging Helped Me In School

Sometimes it's really cool to have different aspects of your life have a positive impact on other parts of your life. This past weekend, this is exactly what I experienced! Thanks to my experience with blogging, I was really able to apply what we do here to one of my assignments.

Say what? 

Yup, I'm serious. 

The assignment I was working on involved creating a mini-essay type of thing and posting it on our class discussion board. This part wasn't a big deal... Only took about 6 or more hours to write completely since I wanted it to be perfect.

But, the second part of the assignment was different. My teacher wanted to us to respond to at least 3 other students' content. It had to be meaningful and related back to the course since it would also be graded. Talk about pressure. Not really.

When I read this part of the instructions, I actually did not feel anxious at all. I saw this and immediately thought this was exactly like blogging! The whole reading others' posts and commenting on their content based on what they said, and somehow relate it back to you.... was exactly like blogging. Like entirely, but the gist of engaging with other bloggers.

So, it was definitely easy to read another students' content and reply back to them, in a friendly way of course. However, when I was reading others' comments, it reminded me when I first started blogging and where I was so awkward in my comments, and replying back to others. But, hey, it really does take time.

Also, some of us nursing students created a WhatsApp group, and I was surprised by a lot of them saying, "Can someone comment on mine! I'll return a comment back!" I mean, when it comes to blogging, I guess I've gotten used to having one post having a lot more views and comment over another. It doesn't phase me at all. It's quite normal for a lot of us bloggers actually. And, when we don't receive any comments at all, it doesn't us from blogging.

So, yay! Thanks, blogging! You've definitely prepared me for discussions and being friendly in school. Who would have guessed!?

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February Goals

Oh, hey, friends! I promise you that I had this post all ready to go days ago... And, silly me, I forgot to schedule it for the beginning of the month.... Well, we are only 9 days in, so it's still the beginning of the month...

But, let get straight into it, shall we? 

January flew quickly! I didn't even realize how long ago I took the time to view my own blog. It's been hectic at school, and as of right now, I don't have much time allotted for my any fun. But, here I am, found a couple minutes in between my studying to set out a few goals for this month. 

January Goals Revisited:
  1. Introduce myself. I'm still doing this as the days go, but I am very pleased with myself. I stepped out of my comfort zone and really put myself out there when introducing myself to the other students, and teachers. 
  2. Ask questions. I've been doing this as well all month long! Whenever I had a question, I quickly raised my hand and asked, and I've even found myself emailing my teachers a lot for clarification. I think it is definitely a great start to this academic adventure. 
  3. Read chapters before class. You'll be happy to note that I've actually been keeping up with my readings! I go to class well prepared, and I even find myself participating more.  
  4. Prepare a few blog posts. I obviously didn't even come close to this goal....
  5. Don't be late to classes. The first month of school is going great! Not only was I not late for any of my classes, but I also did not skip or miss any of them! Yay me! 
  6. Engage more with other bloggers. This past month, I, unfortunately, did not even engage with my own blog let alone other bloggers. I really need to learn to spread out my free time more wisely. 
February Goals!
1. Ace my tests! I have a lot of tests scheduled this month. I really want to excel in my program. And, the first way to excel in my program, is to get the grades. So, this month when it comes to studying for my test, I will study for my tests. No distractions. (Of course, I will start go back to studying after I finishing writing this!) 

2. Spread out my free time wisely. I have to juggle school and work. And, I want to incorporate time for my blog somewhere in between. However, I find myself giving away a lot of my shifts just to study for courses... I really need to learn to use my time wisely to study smart instead of hard, and work.

3. Prepare posts ahead of time. I love my blog. I love just writing about whatever I want on here. It feels like a great escape from all the craziness. In addition to what I wrote above for using my free time wisely, I think this month I'll use my "study breaks" as a writing break. Write a bit or perhaps just write and complete posts ahead of time.

4. Exercise! I find that I'm a stress eater. Lately, I've been paying more attention to what I'm eating when I'm stressed. I'm even resisting that urge to grab a bag of chips when I'm feeling down. I want to transform that feeling and put it towards exercise. Take out my stress at the gym while losing a few pounds. 

What are your February goals?
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