23 November 2017


I am officially twenty-three years old. (Well, technically since Sunday... but I took my sweet time writing this post).

WOW. That is actually sooo crazy for me to say that, especially since the past year flew by extremely quickly. And, in all honesty,  I actually regret not playing Feeling 22 by Taylor Swift more often... (I'm lowkey listening to Feeling 22 right now as I write this... sooo, I guess it's all good.)

But, this year I wasn't too hyped for my birthday. I'm not exactly sure why... I just wanted to keep cool, stay in, and have a lowkey night. So, you could imagine that my birthday weekend was just exactly that! And, I couldn’t have been any happier. 


I was off from work and no school (because of the ongoing strike), so I decided to just have the day to myself!  I like having my alone time, and I genuinely think it is important to have time for yourself, you know, enjoy the day, do what you like. So, why not? I already made plans for both Saturday and Sunday… so, why not? 


I actually spent the majority of my morning attempting to get some more school work done (although the teachers are still on strike, the government is trying to pass this bill that allows us to go back to school this week while the negotiations are still occurring). Anyways, long story short, we actually might be going back to school as early as Tuesday - yay! So, like I said, I was attempting and just trying to get my motivation back… 

Other than that, I had plans with Jay, who wanted to take me out to dinner at a restaurant I've never eaten at before - Copacabana. I was so hungry early on during the day that I actually finished getting dressed super early. I was clearly excited about going to this restaurant I've never been to. Plus, I was super hungry... did I mention that already?

Jay picked me up a little late, and I was kind of annoyed, only because I was hungry and was scared we would miss our reservation! And, the drive up there was just terrible. Waaaay too much construction going on... c'mon let's get it together Toronto. 

When we got there, I was surprised to see my sister! And, she got mad at Jay saying we were early. I couldn't believe. I rushed to my surprise birthday guys!  

The food was served via waiters who brought meat (steak, lamb, chicken, etc.) to the tables and cut it into pieces for us. There was non-stop meat coming and going. It was delicious. 
I was actually sooooo surprised that I actually got anxious. I was wondering about who was attending if what I was wearing was okay, what we were doing after... a lot of "whats" were running through my head! And, since the traffic was super bad, the guest start coming in slowly, and so it was actually kind of exciting to see who would walk through the doors next. 

It was more definitely a surprise - thank you, Jay and Ash! 

And, it was such a surprise that I didn't take any pictures. I did take a few snaps, but I was sooo smart that I didn't save them. Opps. But, hey, I was having so much fun that I was just living in the moment (for once). 


Sunday was the day of my actual birthday. In the early hours, I actually opened a few presents I received! Jay got me red converse (yessss, I needed a new pair of everyday shoes), and a, very, expensive pair of Nike tights. Thanks boo!!! My friend Kimmie got me make up. And, I got more gifts that I am all sooo grateful for.

For my actual birthday, my family and I went out to lunch to their favourite buffet.  It was fun and it was much-needed family time. We've all been so busy with work and school (well, my sister has been busy with school). So, this time together was perfect.

The rest of the Sunday was beautiful. And, I wanted to spend as much time with Rosie. I took her for a really long walk and took her to the park to play around. I wanted to spend as much time as I could before going back to school. And, I was happy I did. I love spending every free moment with her. 
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