01 November 2017

November Goals

Hello, November! 

I seriously (and I really mean seriously) cannot believe it is already November. Like, NOVEMBER guys. Wow. Next month is already December, and shortly, it will soon be 2018! How crazy is that?

I didn't originally plan on being out of the blogosphere for this long, but, it was needed. And, from this moment on, I'm gonna take notes from a few of you who read my latest post and just blog for me. Not focus on blogging a certain amount of posts per week/month. I'm just going to blog when I please, and take breaks when I please. 

Besides, November is the month of me! It's my birthday month, and I just want to get through this month (and the rest of 2017) with a positive note.

It's been quite a while since I've created myself a few goals for the month. Actually, come to think of it, I think not writing goals for myself has made my life such as mess.  My head has just been all over the place. I really need to sit down, create a list of goals, and FOCUS. Prioritize. 

November Goals
  • Prep meals (for me and Rosie) 
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Complete a 30-day challenge 
  • Plan a low-key night for my birthday weekend 
  • Keep up with my readings
  • Reorganize my bookshelves + desk 
  • SAVE! 
  • RELAX and take it easy

What are your November goals?

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