07 July 2017

July Goals


June went by way too quickly, just like the other months; like we are already in the second half of the year... The past couple have months have been an uphill struggle... I'm hoping this month things will turn for the better. So, enough small talk. I can always talk about the past couple of months in another post...  Let's get to this month's set of goals! 

June Goals Revisited: 
  1. Get my daily steps in. According to my app, last month I reached my step goal 19 time in June. Wohoo, yay me! 
  2. Get my sh*t together for school. I'm not going to lie, this was kind of a struggle for me last month. Just with everything going on in life, I really thought I wouldn't pull myself together. But, somehow, I managed to pull through, and really started getting my stuff together. Got to keep this up if I want to finish off the semester strong. 
  3. Be active on social media. Meeh... Oppps... I did started tweeting over the past couple of days... then stopped... I'll try again! 
  4. Be more social. SUCCESS! This was actually something I kept in mind during my free time on campus. Turns out, it's easy for me to connect to other students on a level that is not focused solely on school work. So, I'm happy with this one! 
  5. Make an impression. Still in progress! Although, a few of my teachers last semester still remember me enough to have a conversation in the hallway with me!
  6. Update my LinkedIn. Okay, I really wanted to do this... but, I didn't.  I was applying to a few jobs.. just got to remember to actually update my LinkedIn every time I'm on the internet... Like now. 
July Goals!  
1. Give an update on my life. I keep saying I've been missing because of a lot of uphill battles during the past couple of weeks. All these emotions and experiences are still fresh at the top of my mind. What better way to express myself here, and give you guys an update at the same time? Hopefully, it won't be too hard writing down everything...

2. Buy a new cute agenda, and USE IT! This is pretty self-explanatory... I do have an agenda, but new ones are available starting July 2017 until next year! Sooo... I really think if I buy a new agenda, it will motivate me to help organize my time with school work and my part-time job effectively.

3. Enjoy the summer. We are finally have the absolutely most beautiful weather of the season. Although, I am taking a lot of classes during the summer, I still want to find a balance and enjoy the weather as well! Like, I've been doing my math homework on our porch... Not exactly enjoying the summer to the fullest.

4. SLEEEP. Guys, my sleep schedule is f**ked. Like for real. There are nights where I get 3 hours of sleep before waking up early in the morning to head to class followed by rushing from school to work for a 6 hour shift. I was exhausted and cranky last month. I really need balance this month.

5. Drink lots of water. Even though I love to drink water, I don't seem to get quite enough in my body. I need more. Especially with the heat. Must. Drink. Water.

What are your July goals?
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