11 July 2017

I'm Officially A Dog Momma

It has been a long time coming. I've been wanting to do this since forever. And, the final push was when Jay got his own pup, Chop, and I got a taste of what it was like to be a dog momma. After, I knew that the next opportunity I have to buy a pup, he/she will be mine.

I've been saving money for a while. So, financially, I'm ready. Emotionally, I'm ready. I'm ready as I could ever be.

Then on one school day, my cousin and I were walking to class when she got a message from her older brother asking if she knew anyone wanting to buy a puppy. For fun, she showed me the message, and I jokingly asked for a picture and how much. Guys, my cousin sent us the cutest pic ever and I couldn't resist. My cousin said she was the last one, and they were selling her for $750.

I told him I was interested, and my cousin got super excited! Becuase it was his friend who were selling the pups, the friend I could have her for only $350. I was like, that's a steal, and she's so cute, and I've always wanted a dog.

Okay. I'm getting a puppy!

After class, my cousin and I frantically went shopping for everything. I bought puppy a bed, pee pads,  dog food, a crate, and a collar. Then, we went to my cousins' place to meet her for the first time. And, guys, when I first held her, I knew it was meant to be. She was soo small and so cute, I couldn't handle it.

I actually took her home on May 31, 2017. And, its been about a month, and I've already learnt so much about her. More specifically, I've learned about how much I love this little pup. She's just fits so perfectly in my life.

AGE: 9 weeks (when I brought her home) 
BIRTHDAY: March 28, 2017
BREED: American Bulldog mixed (w/ pitbull and boxer)
NAME: ..... 
Like I said, Rosie has been in my life for a little over than a month; and the past month she has been a joy, and the biggest trouble maker ever. There are mixture of emotions, but I can't help but keep spoiling her with toys and treats. She's truely brought happiness in my life, it amazes me. 

Oh, and you might be wondering about my rabbits. Surprisingly, they are getting along great with one another! And, I personally think it is becuase Rosie is a puppy, and so it is easier for her to learn now  that rabbits are friends.

But, overall they are getting along well. Rosie doesn't bother them too much, and the rabbits only act terrirotiral when it comes to their treats that they don't want to share with Rosie. Also, becuase of having to share the house with 2 other rabbits, Rosie has learnt to be friendly with other small animals when we go for walks. She's not distracted by squirrels or trying to chase down cats. It just works. 

Also, it's crazy how fast she is growing! She just this small little ball when she first came home. Now, shes getting bigger, and I wouldn't be surprised if in a month we won't be able to pick her up anymore! We knew she was going to be a big dog, but shes growing waaaay too fast! 

P.S. To follow her growth and her daily life, follow her on instagram! She'll love it! 

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