11 July 2017

I'm Officially A Dog Momma

11 July 2017

I'm Officially A Dog Momma

It has been a long time coming. I've been wanting to do this since forever. And, the final push was when Jay got his own pup, Chop, and I got a taste of what it was like to be a dog momma. After, I knew that the next opportunity I have to buy a pup, he/she will be mine.

I've been saving money for a while. So, financially, I'm ready. Emotionally, I'm ready. I'm ready as I could ever be.

Then on one school day, my cousin and I were walking to class when she got a message from her older brother asking if she knew anyone wanting to buy a puppy. For fun, she showed me the message, and I jokingly asked for a picture and how much. Guys, my cousin sent us the cutest pic ever and I couldn't resist. My cousin said she was the last one, and they were selling her for $750.

I told him I was interested, and my cousin got super excited! Becuase it was his friend who were selling the pups, the friend I could have her for only $350. I was like, that's a steal, and she's so cute, and I've always wanted a dog.

Okay. I'm getting a puppy!

After class, my cousin and I frantically went shopping for everything. I bought puppy a bed, pee pads,  dog food, a crate, and a collar. Then, we went to my cousins' place to meet her for the first time. And, guys, when I first held her, I knew it was meant to be. She was soo small and so cute, I couldn't handle it.

I actually took her home on May 31, 2017. And, its been about a month, and I've already learnt so much about her. More specifically, I've learned about how much I love this little pup. She's just fits so perfectly in my life.

AGE: 9 weeks (when I brought her home) 
BIRTHDAY: March 28, 2017
BREED: American Bulldog mixed (w/ pitbull and boxer)
NAME: ..... 
Like I said, Rosie has been in my life for a little over than a month; and the past month she has been a joy, and the biggest trouble maker ever. There are mixture of emotions, but I can't help but keep spoiling her with toys and treats. She's truely brought happiness in my life, it amazes me. 

Oh, and you might be wondering about my rabbits. Surprisingly, they are getting along great with one another! And, I personally think it is becuase Rosie is a puppy, and so it is easier for her to learn now  that rabbits are friends.

But, overall they are getting along well. Rosie doesn't bother them too much, and the rabbits only act terrirotiral when it comes to their treats that they don't want to share with Rosie. Also, becuase of having to share the house with 2 other rabbits, Rosie has learnt to be friendly with other small animals when we go for walks. She's not distracted by squirrels or trying to chase down cats. It just works. 

Also, it's crazy how fast she is growing! She just this small little ball when she first came home. Now, shes getting bigger, and I wouldn't be surprised if in a month we won't be able to pick her up anymore! We knew she was going to be a big dog, but shes growing waaaay too fast! 

P.S. To follow her growth and her daily life, follow her on instagram! She'll love it! 

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07 July 2017

July Goals

07 July 2017

July Goals


June went by way too quickly, just like the other months; like we are already in the second half of the year... The past couple have months have been an uphill struggle... I'm hoping this month things will turn for the better. So, enough small talk. I can always talk about the past couple of months in another post...  Let's get to this month's set of goals! 

June Goals Revisited: 
  1. Get my daily steps in. According to my app, last month I reached my step goal 19 time in June. Wohoo, yay me! 
  2. Get my sh*t together for school. I'm not going to lie, this was kind of a struggle for me last month. Just with everything going on in life, I really thought I wouldn't pull myself together. But, somehow, I managed to pull through, and really started getting my stuff together. Got to keep this up if I want to finish off the semester strong. 
  3. Be active on social media. Meeh... Oppps... I did started tweeting over the past couple of days... then stopped... I'll try again! 
  4. Be more social. SUCCESS! This was actually something I kept in mind during my free time on campus. Turns out, it's easy for me to connect to other students on a level that is not focused solely on school work. So, I'm happy with this one! 
  5. Make an impression. Still in progress! Although, a few of my teachers last semester still remember me enough to have a conversation in the hallway with me!
  6. Update my LinkedIn. Okay, I really wanted to do this... but, I didn't.  I was applying to a few jobs.. just got to remember to actually update my LinkedIn every time I'm on the internet... Like now. 
July Goals!  
1. Give an update on my life. I keep saying I've been missing because of a lot of uphill battles during the past couple of weeks. All these emotions and experiences are still fresh at the top of my mind. What better way to express myself here, and give you guys an update at the same time? Hopefully, it won't be too hard writing down everything...

2. Buy a new cute agenda, and USE IT! This is pretty self-explanatory... I do have an agenda, but new ones are available starting July 2017 until next year! Sooo... I really think if I buy a new agenda, it will motivate me to help organize my time with school work and my part-time job effectively.

3. Enjoy the summer. We are finally have the absolutely most beautiful weather of the season. Although, I am taking a lot of classes during the summer, I still want to find a balance and enjoy the weather as well! Like, I've been doing my math homework on our porch... Not exactly enjoying the summer to the fullest.

4. SLEEEP. Guys, my sleep schedule is f**ked. Like for real. There are nights where I get 3 hours of sleep before waking up early in the morning to head to class followed by rushing from school to work for a 6 hour shift. I was exhausted and cranky last month. I really need balance this month.

5. Drink lots of water. Even though I love to drink water, I don't seem to get quite enough in my body. I need more. Especially with the heat. Must. Drink. Water.

What are your July goals?
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04 July 2017

Canada Day Recap

04 July 2017

Canada Day Recap

This past weekend, Canada celebrated its' 150th birthday! I still cannot believe how young we are! But, since 150th is a big milestone for Canada, I already had the mindset that I wanted to be out and about celebrating Canada!

Plus, I'm freaken patriotic to this great nation! 

So, of course, my sister and I decided to have a sister day and head downtown to watch the Toronto Blue Jays play against the Boston Red Socks. Spoiler alert: the Blue Jays lose; but, it was still great to spend the day with my sister and other patriotic Canadians int he stadium. 

*if you follow me on snapchat, you probably already saw a lot of my pictures/videos on there!* 

Since it was Canada Day, the Rogers Centre was doing some special by giving away free hats to the first 20,000 fans who checked in with their tickets. So, my sister and I (the literally the rest of Toronto) headed to the Rogers Centre as early as possible, even though the game would start at 1:00 pm.  We got to there around 10:15 am, and all the lines to every different gate were packed

Luckily, my dad got us boxed seat tickets, so the line up at our gate was almost non-existent! Like literally only 50 people were in front of us, which is not bad compared to the hundreds of people in the other lines! So, yay, we were getting these hats. 

And, we did! They were great quality snapbacks with a red maple leaf representing Canada! And, it felt great to be among the 20,000 fans with this limited edition hat. So, the waiting out the next couple of hours until the game started wasn't bad at all. In fact, waiting those 2 1/2 hours felt like nothing because my sister and I did a lot of scooping the area since we had no in and out privileges in the Luxury Suite area.

Yea that's right! Those boxed tickets I mentioned were in a Luxury Suite! So, my sister and I were not only early, but hardly anyone was in the building, and so it was extremely easy for us to roam around, and start eating some of the snacks the suite provided for us! 

And, our view was amazing. I didn't expect our box to have a blessed view of the field. The last time I came to a Jays game was when I was younger. And, we were in the regular stands. It was a fun experience, but this...  It was absolutely the perfect experience. 

Fans got super excited when they started to open the dome fo the Rogers Centre! It was absolutely perfect because at the time, it wasn't raining and the sun was shining. What a way to watch the game. 

But, on a day like today, I was happy I was sitting in the box hiding away from the sun. 4 hours in the sun?? My skin gets dark quickly, I would have been baked! 

I think my favourite part of this entire experience was during the opening of the game. We had 3 generations of military men (one who actually served in the WW2), to come and throw the first pitches. I thought it was absolutely perfect and beautiful to watch. Then, we had a bunch of military men and women mark onto the field and unfolded the Canadian flag. And, the stadium was singing with joy our national anthem. 

I loved everything about it! And, again, our seats had an amazing view. 

Like I said at the beginning of this post, we lost. But, hey. I enjoyed the experience, and it was fun being here with my sister. We haven't had a lot of sister time over the past couple of months/years... so, this was long overdue.

OHH, before I end off, I just want to say after years of using snapchat, I finally had some of my snaps make it to the Blue Jays vs. Red Socks snap story! Although, my second submitted snap had far fewer views than the other 2 snaps... Leads me to believe they deleted it -.-  Oh well, I still made it!

Enjoy the rest of your week to all my Canadian and American friends celebrating Canada Day and the 4th of July!  

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