09 June 2017

June Goals

09 June 2017

June Goals

So, I kind of went missing last month. And, in all honestly, it was just a much-needed break. A LOT has happened over the past month. My emotions were literally on a different rollarcoster ride every day... But, I think, I'm ready to be back.. if not, then I might have to take another break. For now, let's just get through June -- summer!

Because I didn't have any set out goals for myself last month, I'm just going to go straight into writing out my goals for June.

June Goals! 

1. Get my daily steps in. 6000 steps at least. It's summer time, and the weather is gorgeous! And, I have the biggest motivator to go for walks. No excuses this month. 

2. Get my sh*t together for schoolFirst month of summer school down, few more to go to complete semester 2. And, I'm exhuasted. This semester is packed with homework. I need to find more time for school work... Or, at least get things started/finshed ahead of time so I'm not screwed doing it last minute... 

3. Be active on social media. My insta page is looking a litle bland. I don't post as often as I used to. And, I really should. The weather is beautiful, and I got a puppy (more on that later on the blog!!) 

4. Be more social. Im in a program with amazing people. Yes, I am making friends with a lot of them, but I want to do more than just have conversations in the classroom. This month, I want to be more social, and actually have lunch out and be more open about my life. 

5. Make an impression. A lot of my instructors currently work as a nurse while teach part-time at my school. This months, I want to starting making an impression with a lot of them. Who you know is powerful. And, one day, they might be able to put in a good word for me at their hospital when it comes to applying...

6. Update my LinkedIn. If you do not know what LinkedIn is, you better go on google right now and sign up for it. This is basically you're online portfolio/resume. And, because everything is so tech savvy nowadays, a lot of companies google us now! So, trust me, this is what you want them to see first

Well, the sun is shinning! Going to enjoy it before I have to start my paper due next week!

What are your June goals? 

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