20 April 2017

What I Learned in 50 Days... Without Coffee

Today marks day 50... the number of days I've gone without coffee. 

Okay, maybe not today exactly. I'm somewhat of a bit late posting this.... but only by a few days.

Anywho... No coffee for 50 days? That's huge for someone who used to drink coffee like it was water since a young age. At first, I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but then, it just got easier and easier - and, soon, my love for coffee became a distant memory.

Let's start off with the whys - Why did I give up coffee? Well, one morning, I woke up and just decided not to drink coffee. That was actually a few days before Lent began. And, with Lent, I decided to commit to this and really give up coffee for 40 more days. Like why not?

I won't lie to you. The first few days were hard. Like really hard. It was like my body purposely decided to be even more exhausted than usual in the mornings. I thought I wouldn't make it to school and focus. But, I learned otherwise. 

1. Without coffee, I was able to focus more. And stay up longer. Not sure how that work, but it did. TRUST ME.

2. My mood and behaviour changed drastically. I found myself happier, especially in the mornings. I also found myself being more positive... not sure if that has to do with me being happier, but I hope not to lose this.

3. My teeth became whiter! OR maybe look whiter. I'm not sure, I'm not a dentist. But, for those who don't  know, I currently have braces, and personally found that my teeth don't look as white ever since. So, when I stopped drinking coffee, I noticed a HUGE difference. And, it wasn't just me. My friends noticed as well.

4. I SAVED A LOT OF MONEY. When I was looking over my debit transactions, I honestly had no idea how much I spent on a daily basis for just a small cup of coffee.  The past 50 days, I have accumulated all that spare change into something worth saving.

5. I developed a love for tea! Without tea, giving up coffee would have probably been harder to complete. I joined the tea craze, and even found myself loving green tea. Something I disliked a lot growing up. PLUS, I love drinking tea without sugar.

So, there you guy! Those are just a few of the main things I discovered during my sacrifice without coffee. One thing I should also mention, I had my first cup of caffeine the other day. And, dare I say it? It didn't taste as good as I once remembered. I guess, this girl ain't a coffee addict no more!

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