24 April 2017

Currently in April

24 April 2017

Currently in April

It has been a while since I've done one of these. When I used to blog more consistently, I always thought it was necessary to share to some of my currents. As you can probably tell, I haven't been present on the blog consistently. But, lately, I feel like there is a spark that ignited. Hopefully, this will fuel me fully.

READING... the bible (I might explain this more later on)
PLAYING... Simpsons Tapped Out! And, yes, I have been playing this game on my phone for years.
WATCHING... Make It or Break It! One of my favourite ABC shows growing up. Decided to rewatch them!
TRYING... enjoy the sun today
EATING... grilled cheese sandwich. YUM.
DRINKING... water
TEXTING... my cousin 
TWEETING... nothing... as usual
GOING... to work in a bit
LOVING... my rabbits
HATING... the construction workers who decided to work this morning
DISCOVERING... the pain that comes with elastics
THINKING... what to wear today
FEELING... content
HOPING (for)... a good day
LISTNING (to)... My Favourite Part -- Mac Miller ft. Ariana Grande
CELEBRATING... The end of first semester of nursing!!!!
SMELLING... lavender s 
ORDERING... nothing
THANKING... God for my bed this morning
CONSIDERING... About going to the library after work; want to find another novel to start
STARTING... the journey of bible journalling 
FINISHING... my green tea.
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20 April 2017

What I Learned in 50 Days... Without Coffee

20 April 2017

What I Learned in 50 Days... Without Coffee

Today marks day 50... the number of days I've gone without coffee. 

Okay, maybe not today exactly. I'm somewhat of a bit late posting this.... but only by a few days.

Anywho... No coffee for 50 days? That's huge for someone who used to drink coffee like it was water since a young age. At first, I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but then, it just got easier and easier - and, soon, my love for coffee became a distant memory.

Let's start off with the whys - Why did I give up coffee? Well, one morning, I woke up and just decided not to drink coffee. That was actually a few days before Lent began. And, with Lent, I decided to commit to this and really give up coffee for 40 more days. Like why not?

I won't lie to you. The first few days were hard. Like really hard. It was like my body purposely decided to be even more exhausted than usual in the mornings. I thought I wouldn't make it to school and focus. But, I learned otherwise. 

1. Without coffee, I was able to focus more. And stay up longer. Not sure how that work, but it did. TRUST ME.

2. My mood and behaviour changed drastically. I found myself happier, especially in the mornings. I also found myself being more positive... not sure if that has to do with me being happier, but I hope not to lose this.

3. My teeth became whiter! OR maybe look whiter. I'm not sure, I'm not a dentist. But, for those who don't  know, I currently have braces, and personally found that my teeth don't look as white ever since. So, when I stopped drinking coffee, I noticed a HUGE difference. And, it wasn't just me. My friends noticed as well.

4. I SAVED A LOT OF MONEY. When I was looking over my debit transactions, I honestly had no idea how much I spent on a daily basis for just a small cup of coffee.  The past 50 days, I have accumulated all that spare change into something worth saving.

5. I developed a love for tea! Without tea, giving up coffee would have probably been harder to complete. I joined the tea craze, and even found myself loving green tea. Something I disliked a lot growing up. PLUS, I love drinking tea without sugar.

So, there you guy! Those are just a few of the main things I discovered during my sacrifice without coffee. One thing I should also mention, I had my first cup of caffeine the other day. And, dare I say it? It didn't taste as good as I once remembered. I guess, this girl ain't a coffee addict no more!

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04 April 2017

April Goals

04 April 2017

April Goals


You guys won't even believe how excited I am that it's finally April! I'm so over the cold weather and the winter season; so, spring, I am ready for you. I am ready for you to come and go so that I can finally get my summer and warm weather!

I'm super excited, as you could tell. 

But, before I get into this month's goal, I want to quickly go over how the last month went for me... March was a great month for me! I set myself a few goals, and I actually achieved them. Yes, I know a lot of the goals were a one-day-type of goal, but the other goals took commitment and dedication. But, hey, I got them done. So, let's just celebrate that! 

March Goals Revisited:
  1. No coffee for the next 40 days. THIS IS ALMOST COMPLETE. I did not have a single cup (or sip) of coffee in the month of March. Wohooo, success! However, this goal was intended to give up coffee for the entire duration of Lent; so, I'm not quite done yet.
  2. Give an update on my 101 things in 1001 days. Yaaaaas, finally show my face here on the blog to give you guys an update on my 101 things. I'm actually doing much better than I thought I would be doing. Hmm... maybe putting my goal out there actuallly does help get them done. 
  3. Go to church every Sunday this month. I FINALLY DID THIS. This was actually a goal of mine since November. I always found myself attending at least 2 Sunday services in a month. This time around, March was no challenge. I did it; and, it felt great!
  4. Start a gratitude journal. Ooooh, believe it or not, I actually wrote in my journal every single day. And, I learned a lot about myself throughout the process. I might have to make a separate blog post talking more about this... sometime soon.
  5. Positive vibes. Positive things happen to positive people. And, a lot of positive things happened to me in the month of March. Need I say more? 
April Goals!

1. No coffee to finish off Lent strong. I'm almost done. I went this long without coffee, the next few days shouldn't be too hard! 

2. Ace the last month of semester 1A. It's officially the last month of my first semester of nursing school. I started off the semester strong, and I want to finish it strong! No pressure there... well, there is. I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself, but it's for the good of my future. 

3. Post at least 4 times on here. I've been neglecting my blog. That or I haven't been motivated to be on here as much as I used to. This month, I want to post at least 4 times.... the past couple of months I've only posted like once a week. So, let's get back on track. 

4. Drink lots and lots of water. This is self-explanatory. Just want to live a healthier lifestyle.

5. Get my daily steps in. I have a goal of 6000 daily steps. I want to accomplish this every day this month. Like I said above, I want to live a healthier lifestyle! 

What are your April goals? 

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