29 March 2017

Surprise 21st for My Sista

Last week, my sister celebrated her 21st birthday!!!! 

Like, wow!! I seriously cannot believe she's already 21-years-old.  And, without any thought, if anyone would ask me old she is, I'd probably wouldn't hesitate saying she was 16 or something. It's just crazy to me how the days years fly.  So, the realization that this was her 21st really hit me. I wanted to make sure that she celebrated it -- especially since it's her champagne. 

And, like the "good" girl she is, she decided to do nothing for her birthday. 
Side note: I'm being totally sarcastic when I call her a good girl... 

But, being the best big sister she ever had, I decided I wanted to surprise her by putting something together! But thanks to her lovely bf, he really helped and we ended up pulling the whole thing off.
It wasn't anything too big; I knew for sure she didn't want the headache and the stress the morning after a big party. I did know that she has amazing friends who were down to do pretty much anything, as long as they were there to celebrate my sister's birthday. 

So, we kept it simple. My sister and her bf actually went to dinner beforehand. So, at this point, she had absolutley no idea any of us would be there afterwards. I'm not sure the exact lie he told her, but she had this idea that they were going to a bar afterwards to have some drinks with his friends. 

Meanwhile, I was with the others at the bar, already drinking it up. We had a long table for all the guests as we awaited for her arrival. 

It was quite funny when she came -- We yelled "SURPRISE" and she was so clueless, she literally walked passed us. We were laughing, and she still had no idea for the first 2 minutes when she was fully staring at us. Then, somehow it hit her that everyone was there for her. It was halarious! It couldn't have gone more perfect. 

We spent the rest of the evening just drinking and catching up with everyone, and decided to hit the club afterwards. We walked to a nearby club, and got in and pretty much danced and drank the night away. It was quite nice to see my sister so happy. And, I was really happy that she got to celebrate her champaign with her closest friends! 

I do wish, we all took more photos. I didn't even take a photo with my sister... opps. But, I guess when you're having a lot of fun, you tend to just want to live in the moment.

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