02 January 2017

January Goals

Hello, day 2 of 2017!

Although this year I opted out on creating New Year's resolution, I did choose a word of the year. So, that is completely separate from today's post. My months are not complete without setting a few goals for myself at the beginning of the month. 

And, 2017 won't be any different. It's the first month of the New Year, and I want make sure I start off the year with a bang, and hopefully continue this stride for the months to come. I mean, I definitely came through with all of last month's goals; hopefully this month will be just as successful.  

December Goals Revisited:
  1. Work as many hours as I can. Yay for me, because I actually did this! Whenever I was asked to stay a bit longer, or pick up an extra shift, 99% of the time I said "yes". There were really only 2 instances where I said "no" only because I already booked that day off ahead of time. But, other than that, I was basically working full-time hours for a part-timer. And, I'm super happy about that, I was able to save a lot! 
  2. Start preparing for school. Ooo I did this as well! I wanted to pay my entire tuition, create my class schedule, purchase all my textbooks, and buy a backpack! All of which I accomplished! Wohoo.
  3. Enjoy the last month of 2016. I had an amazing December! All that I did was a great way for me to end the year. 
January Goals:
    1. Introduce myself. I'm starting a completely new school in a complete different program this month. My goal this month is to be as friendly as possible, and introduce myself to different people, including students, teachers, clubs; everyone. 

    2. Ask questions. I want to be more active this academic year. This means, whenever I have a question, I want to ask it write away in class. OR, if I'm feeling a bit shy, then to at least write the questions down on a separate piece of paper and ask the prof or TA after class. Regardless of how or when I ask the question, I want my questions answers way before test time. 

    3. Read chapters before class. One thing I want to do this time around in school, is to read the chapter assigned for the lecture before the day of the lecture. And, if I have time, make textbook notes ahead of time. I want to start developing habits for school now rather 2 days before a test. 

    4. Prepare a few blog posts. Preparing a few posts ahead of time will save me ample amount of time. I already know school is going to be hectic. Preparing a few posts now (or at least starting them) will make it that much easier to balance school and blogging. 

    5. Don't be late to classes. I want to get to my classes early or even just on time. But, the earlier the better. I don't like arriving to class late, nor do I want to develop this habit early on. So, the goal is to leave my home (or work) an hour before class in order to arrive at least 30 minutes before classes begin. 

    6. Engage more with other bloggers. I mean, I really have to make more of an effort to reply back to comments the moment after I read them. I always think about what I want to reply, and end up telling myself to do it later... and, I tend to forget altogether. Also, I want to make more of an effort to be a more engaged reader on others blog.

    What are your January Goals?

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