09 January 2017

Back To School Nerves

** this post was meant to be posted earlier today... but, clearly I was too tired to press "publish"... #fail **

Ah, today's the first day back at school. And, here I am at work. 

Wait, what? You may ask...

Yes. I'm actually here. Since I changed my availability around in order to get to and from school on time, I think my managers were a bit smart by scheduling me today for 6:30am. I mean, I've never been to work at this time before and it's killing me. And, the only reason why I'm here is because I don't have a lot of shifts anymore because of school and my limited availability... So, here I am. 

I'm also planning my day out. When I finish my shift, I'd have 1 hour to get to school. It's supposedly a 30 minute drive on the highway, but you'd never know if there's going to be build up on traffic. PLUS, I'm going to have to find a parking spot. There's a parking lot right beside the school, but if that is full, we are allowed to park at 2 other parking lots which is just a little further away from the campus. Oh, and I still have to purchase my parking pass. And, I still have to find my way around the campus for my class. And then, stay widely awake for my 3 hour class. 

Sounds fun. 

But, even with all that planned out for the day... my mind is elsewhere. I'm actually more nervous for school itself.

It's my second round of post-secondary school. I already received my bachelors degree, and going back to school feels like I'm starting back at square one. Except for the fact that, this time around I will be 4 years older than the students who are just leaving high school to start this route. And, there's the expectation I have for myself and from others that this time around, I will know how to academically succeed because it's my second time in school. Or just get better grades. Basically do a better job than I did in university. 

I'm also nervous because this is for nursing

I heard from friends who are currently in nursing programs, that it is very strict. It's strict in a sense where you have to hold onto a certain grade in order to continue with the program and later graduate. It's not even that! I was look through some job requirements for nurse, and some also require a certain GPA in order to be considered.  I mean, it makes sense... other's lives depend on your, right? So, I'm a bit nervous. It's kind of a lot of pressure. 

I'm not nervous about the whole starting in a new school, and making new friends kind of thing. I've went through that before, so I know what to expect and how to approach others this time. Plus, it will be a bit easier this time around since my cousin and I are starting this program together. 

Speaking of which... I'm also a bit nervous about her. I don't mean to put her on blast, but I'm really hoping she does her part and not depend on me entirely to get through the program... especially when it's going to come to the math course. With math, I need a lot of alone time to figure it out for myself before I can help others. Also, she studies differently than me. I personally like to study everything alone first before studying with a group. I just find it more productive for myself... Hopefully she will be okay with me needing my ow studying time. 

Besides being nervous, I'm actually quite excited. I've been wanting to get into the nursing program since 2013... That's 2 years into my bachelors program. I don't regret finishing my bachelors, don't get me wrong. But, it's finally nice to be in a program where I know there is always a job/career path waiting. So, that's something to be excited about! 

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