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READING... everything I can for tomorrow's exam
PLAYING... with Penelope
WATCHING... Grey's Anatomy (Again, I know :P)
TRYING... to organize my thoughts
COOKING... something later, not sure yet!
EATING... nothing... yet.
DRINKING... coffee, as per usual.
CALLING... friends for a little help
TWEETING... lol nothing
GOING... to sit out on the porch soon
LOVING... the sun!
HATING... exams all together, and the person who created them
DISCOVERING... a lot of books I'm ready to read after my last exam
THINKING... about him
FEELING... happy
HOPING (for)... a productive day of studying
LISTENING (to)... Ain't too Hard by Kevin Gates
CELEBRATING... almost being done!
SMELLING... vanilla from the candles
ORDERING...  nothing!
THANKING... God for another day
CONSIDERING... what chapter to study next
STARTING... to get hungry
FINISHING... the episode of Grey's, time to get back to studying!

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The 100 Day Project on Insta | #100dayswithnessa

Hi, guys! 
With my last exam quickly approaching, I'm getting more and more excited for the summer! I think I'm just more excited to just sit on my porch and enjoy the weather while finally catching up on my reading list.
While taking a break from studying, I was on instagram and found a fun little challenge that starts TODAY! And, in that instance, I decided to join in! So, from what I've gathered, Elle Luna is hosting The 100 Day Project where you basically share photos for 100 days of whatever theme you like.

She shared the rules/details to the challenge on her instagram, as shown in the photo above. I've also written them down below for you to follow along!
  1. Choose your action.
  2. Repeat this action for the next 100 days, and take photos!
  3. Choose a unique hashtag for your project.
  4. Have fun! The project starts on April 19, and finishes on July 27, 2016!
Since it is my first year participating in the 100 Day Project, I decided to keep it simple and share whatever my phone points towards. So the "unique" hashtag I've chose is... #100dayswithnessa

Are you joining in The 100 Day Project?? What's your hashtag?

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GLOSS by Kylie Cosmetics + VIDEO

Hey, guys! I'm back with another video! And yes, it is another beauty-related-product post, and another Kylie Cosmetic product! What can I say, I guess I'm just obsessed with her products just as much everyone is obsessed with her family!

Any who, in this video, I'm unboxing my Kylie package, as well as sharing with you my first impressions AND disappointments with the new Kylie Cosmetics, Gloss. I was able to buy the three shades her line currently holds, "Like", "Literally", and "So Cute"; and in this video, I provided a mini demo showing you all how the three gloss colours looked on me! 


What do you think about the Kylie Cosmetic Gloss?

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Kourt K by Kylie Cosmetics Review

A few weeks ago, you may recall reading a post of mine where I briefly talked about the 7 Kylie lip kit colours I own, and created a youtube video talking about my entire experience while providing clips of how each of the colours looked on me. If you didn't, definitely take the time to read it and watch the video HERE!

Since then, Kylie's makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics has continued to grow! She came out with her latest shade in her MATTE line called, Kourt K! From the moment I saw Kylie's snap story of her friend, Jordyn, wearing the latest matte shade, I knew I wanted it! 
And so, I got it!

Last week I finally received the latest shade in my mail box, and I couldn't have been more excited. This lip kit is no different to her other ones - including both a liquid lipstick and matching lip liner, retailing for the price of $29 USD. 

Kourt K is a beautiful shade of purple when applied. She kept the formula the sameas her other lip kits in the MATTE line, which is her best move! Like the others, Kourt K is not over drying on the lips and with the help of the creamy lip liner, Kourt K literally stays on my lips. All. Day. LONG! Who wouldn't be happy with those kind of results? 

She has 7 other colours in her MATTE line, each kit including a liquid lipstick and a matching lipliner. Like I've mentioned in a previous post, all of her colours are beautifully pigmented, and the colours she's come out with are absolutely stunning. She's recently come out with a GLOSS and Metal lip line. Super excited to see those!

Overall, I absolutely loved the formula and the quality that the liquid lipsticks have to offer. Kourt K is definitely no different , and I am super excited to see the future with Kylie Cosmetics! 

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Why I Switched to Almond Milk + Banana and Almond Smoothie Recipe

Have I ever told you I switched the type of milk I drink? Weird topic, I know. But, really I have! For almost a year now, I've stopped drinking regular cow milk and instead opted for almond milk. This even includes the coffees, teas, and lattes I regularly purchase at Starbucks and Second Cup. And, I've yet to regret the switch. 

Friends have often ask the question, "why?" And, I have to say at first, it was a personal (and health-related) decision. I'm not a doctor or anything, but around this time last year I noticed a weird change with my body. My body just no longer liked dairy products! From the milk I drank to the cheese I ate, my body just couldn't take it. Other's told me it was "impossible" to become lactose-intolerant years later, but my research says otherwise. 

Like I said, I'm not doctor, but I am an expert when it comes to my body. And, it was at that moment I stopped my daily intake of dairy products, and switched to almond milk. My body reacted differently. Although I was becoming used to the idea of drinking black coffee, I was able to drink my coffee with milk again, and I was happy. 

Almond milk, like other milk products and regular cow milk have benefits (benefits I basically googled myself). So, I am in really no position to convince you to make a life-altering switch to almond milk. I'll leave that decision up to you. But, I will say this, the health benefits are just as healthy as regular milk.

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With that, I decided to share with you my favourite breakfast smoothie recipe. I personally love this very simple and easy recipe, and the best part is that it tastes so much better with almond milk! 

What you'll need:
  • 1 banana 
  • Almond Milk (I personally like using Vanilla Almond Milk)
  • 2 tablespoon of oats
  • Ice (optional)
  1. Place banana, 2 tbsp of oats, and almond milk into a blender of your choice
  2. Blend until smooth (or to your liking!)
  3. Serve yummy smoothie!
  • This can serve up to 2 cups
  • If you want a cool smoothie, you can blend the ice in step 1!
  • You can substitute almond milk for milk of your choice (But, I'm telling you, you're missing out!)
What's your favourite breakfast smoothie recipe?

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Shopping Online: Kate Spade Wallet

* this is not a sponsored post *

As I was spring cleaning some of my saved drafts, I realized that I've had this post. Ready. To publish. Since December. Why I didn't post it? I'm not sure. So... I decided not to let this post go to waste and finally sharing this with you all today!

Like I've mentioned in previous posts, I love my Kate Spade products. But, being a full-time student with a part-time job... I'm not entirely in love with their prices. So, I usually end up buying Kate Spade products either at their outlet stores, or whenever they have surprise online sale. And, since I am a sucker for online sales, I ended up making another purchase...

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Date of Purchase: November 24, 2015
Where? Online at Kate Spade!

Purchased: Wellesley Neda (Navy Blue)
* The navy blue in currently not in stock, but here is their neon turquoise and pillbox red *

Once again, Kate Spade never seems to disappoint! I've been using this wallet since it's arrival, and I've had nothing but good great experiences. 

First off, I love the size of the wallet. It is long enough to carry and hold more then enough cards (i.e., credit cards, store membership cards) on one side of the wallet. So, if you literally carry a store membership card to every store you shop at, and have tons of credit cards, well, this wallet is clearly for you. 

I also love how there are open spaces to keep your cash on one side, and more space to hold recipes on  the other. And, right in the centre, there is a zipper pocket to keep few (or a lot) of your coins! Talk about a lot useful storage. Or, in my case, a lot of storage to keep useless crap in.

 Let's take a look at how much I spent...

Original Price: $198.00 (before taxes)

Total Spend: $80.00 (before taxes)

Total SAVINGS: $118.00!

Like I said, I have nothing but great things to say about this purchase, and especially the wallet! And, I think you'll agree with me, the price was just as great!

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Loving My Lash Extensions!

Last week, I finally tried my first set of mink eyelash extensions! Why did I wait a week before creating a blog post? Well, I wanted to see if my real lashes fell off within a week or two. But, I'm pleased to report that my natural eyelashes are still intact, and my lash extensions are still looking great and just as natural as they did when I first got them!

Before I get into the details, I want to give a quick shout out to Zivanka from Sweet as Fiction for not only blogging about her experience about getting lash extensions, but also posting up a lot of the concerning questions I had about the entire procedure.  With her living in the same city as me, I was excited to try the exact same place she got her lashes done.

When? March 29, 2016
Where? GTA Lash Dolls (located in Toronto)

I got my lash extensions done by Linda, owner and founder of GTA Lash Dolls. It is a home started business, open for almost 2 months now, but her knowledge and customer service say otherwise! It is as if she's been doing this for years! She is super friendly, and is very patient when it comes to questions. I'm telling you, if your in the greater Toronto area, go check her out!

For me, the procedure took 2 1/2 hours! It may seem like a long process to you, but time actually flies! Not only was Linda great at holding conversations, which pretty much helped with passing the time, but also the bed-thingy I was laying on was super comfortable. I fell asleep twice. So, 2 1/2 hours was literally nothing, and the end result was absolutely amazing!

Like I said at the beginning of this post, one of my main concerns about lash extensions was having my natural eyelashes fall off, completely. I've heard and read horror stories of people losing all of their lashes because of lash extensions, but on the flip side, I've seen others who had greater experiences with lash extensions.

She actually explained to me that she uses mink lashes, which are light weight, and perfect for my natural eyelashes to hold. Even more importantly, she mentioned that unlike other places, she offers unlimited lash count.  This meant that when applying each lash, she applied them to each and every single natural eyelash I have.  Also, she mentioned that she doesn't apply the glue onto the eyelid like other places, instead she applies them directly onto the lashes, few millimetres away from the eyelid so that my natural lashes still have room to breathe, and the newer lashes have some space to grow into.

I originally wanted the classic set, but Linda mentioned that if I wanted an obvious look, classic might not be the way to go because it will just simply make my eyelashes look longer. I wanted a mascara effect - the look where it is as if I applied mascara. So, I opted for the volume set, where each individual eyelash had 2-3 mink eyelashes on top creating that volume look. As for the length, my inner lashes are C-10, and the rest of my lashes were C-12! I also had a choice between "doll eyes" and "cat eyes". And, if you've seen my pictures, you would already know that I don't go a day without my cat-eyeliner look, so I chose obviously chose the "cat eye" look!

Prices are different depending on the set you choose. A classic full-set would normally cost $90, whereas the volume full-set costs $130! But, thanks to Zivanka, I used her promo phrase and received get 30% off! Which, I was really happy about. Refills are usually 3-4 weeks, and the cost again varies - $40 for classic refills, and $60 for volume refills.

Overall, as you can tell by my pictures, THEY TURNED OUT BETTER THAN I THOUGHT. I love them. I love how light they feel, I love how I don't have to wear mascara and eyeliner when I have these bad boys on, and I love the feeling of waking up and feeling glamorous. It's amazing, there were a few days I left the house without foundation, because I already look so done up thanks to these lashes.

Have you ever got lash extensions? Tell me your impressions!

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April Goals!

If you've yet to notice, I made some changes on my blog! The layout is still the same, I just changed and switched around the colour scheme. And, I LOVE IT! I love how sleek, and classy my blog looks. Sometimes, simplicity is beauty! Hopefully this change motivates me to be on here a little more!

The past 2 months have been such a struggle.  I cannot even begin to describe how school and life got in the way. And, I really do apologize for not being as active here  as I once was in the past. Hopefully, this month will be different, especially since this is my last official month of under-grad!

Let's get into the goals, shall we?

This Month's Goals!

1. Study, study, study.
Like I said, this is my last official month as an undergrad student! This means, all I have to do is get through exams, and then I will officially be done with my undergrad in university! What's next for me? Who knows what the future holds, but for now, exams are on my mind. And, with that, leads to goal #2.

2. Ace my exams!
What's better than finishing strong???

3. Don't touch the credit card.
I feel like I'm going to end up writing this goal every month. I seem to be doing really well for the first half of the month, then all of a sudden, I have this urge to spend during the second half of the month. Not sure what and where I am going wrong; need to figure it out before the spending goes out of control!

4. Stay healthy.
With this month being exam month, I can already sense the amount of junk food I'm going to resort to, and the days without sleep I will most likely go through. Therefore, another goal for this month is to stay healthy. This not only includes nutrition, but also a healthy mind. Staying positive will help me get through the upcoming stressful time. 

5. Pre-plan, schedule and post.
I already know it is going to be a struggle balancing both my exams and my blog this month. So, the goal is to preplan a few posts and schedule them ahead of time! I'm thinking of using moments, like taking a "break" from studying to watch an episode or two on netflix, to catch up on either editing posts, or writing a few.  

Do you share some of the same goals as me?

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