28 December 2016

My First Purchase With Colourpop (Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin Matte)

Hey guys! I never got a chance to tell you that I finally decided to get my hands on some Colourpop products! In all honesty though, I've heard MANY comparisons of formula and colours between both Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics -- the entire thing just made me really want to try it out for myself. 

As you know from previous posts, I have a few colours from Kylie Cosmetics. I fell in love with the  shade Posie K, and worn it everyday since receiving it. So, as you can imagine, my favourite colour eventually became an empty tube, and I just was not willing to drop a lot of money to buy her products online PLUS shipping...

So, I decided to try an alternative. 

COLOURPOP! My main motivation was free international shipping. But, still, I really did hear good things about them!

In my search for the perfect shade, I ordered 4 shades of varying pinks -- Bumble, Dopey, Calypso, and November.

The box packing was cute, and simple. I love it when companies keep it simple and straight to the point. It is easy to determine the the company of the cosmetics brand, and  the colour of the shade.

November // Calyspo // Dopey // Bumble
The actually packing of the ultra mattes and satin matte were really cute. They came in a clear plastic tubes with silver lids and a silver logo labelling their company name "Colourpop" and whether if the tube is ultra matte or satin matte.

November // Calyspo // Dopey // Bumble
It should be noted, however, that although the packaging is cute, the holographic silver logo doesn't last long. In fact, while keeping Bumble in my pocket at work, I noticed fading within a week.

You can actually see this perfectly in the photo above.  Bumble (the one furtherest to the right) is already fading, and is obvious compared to the other packaging.

Bumble // Dopey // Calyspo // November 

When swatching these shades, I actually took a little too much, and therefore did not try as quickly as I wanted. However, these did dry as matte within a couple of minutes, with is actually great. They apply smoothly, and were beautifully pigmented. 

Swatching these shades, however, did reveal Bumble as a peach pink, Dopey as a pink and purple mixed shade, Calypso as the perfect shade of peach, and November as a light pink (a little too light for my skin complexion). 

Like I mentioned, the shades applied on beautifully. I did notice that the colours were a tad different when compared to the swatches on my wrist. And, the shades did photograph differently than they look in person. For instance, November is actually MUCH lighter to me in person than it is found in the photo above.

I do have to mention, that I am impressed with the product itself. Other matte lipsticks that I've worn tend to fade in colour when I drink water, or talk after a couple of hours, especially in the middle areas of my lips. With Colourpop, I find that the pigmentation lasts hours, even when I drink water. In an 8-hour shift at work, I find myself only reapplying once, and that's after eating lunch.

Nevertheless, although my search for the perfect shade of pink was not a success, I was able to find some other shades that I will be wearing on the daily. It's a good change, especially since I was constantly wearing pink. So, it's a good different.

Will I purchase from them? OF COURSE! Not only are their products relatively cheaper, their quality of liquid matte lipsticks is impressive. I already have a tab opened in search for some new colours to add to my collection.

Have you purchased from Colourpop? What are your experiences? 
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