07 December 2016

I Got Braces...

Do I really need an introduction here? I mean, the title of the post really says it all... But, maybe I should back track a little and tell you guys how I came to the decision to finally getting braces.

Oh, in case you were wondering, as of tomorrow, it has been a week since I got these full-set of bad-boys on. And, I still haven't embraced my new look....

I mean, I really could have used the snapchat dog filter here to make myself look a little cuter... But, I need to learn to love myself with braces. Without a filter. Can't hide behind those in real life.

Why did you get braces?
Let me answer the number 1 question I've been asked... "Why?" Well, simply put, I have a terrible overbite. But, it's actually not that simple. Although some overbites are quite normal, I have what dentists call an "overjet". It's a bit worse than an overbite... To the point where my overjet can actually continue to grow outwards in years to come, and who knows how far it will go...

It's funny, I didn't ask to see the orthodontist because of my overbite. I mean, I went to talk about options for getting my top teeth straighten. They weren't badly crocked or anything, I just felt that my front teeth were starting to look a bit over crowded. But, it was a good thing I made a visit. Not only was I made aware about my overjet, they also explained to me that my overjet is the reason why I've been noticing my top set of teeth getting worse every year.

So, instead of having the options I originally googled, like getting Invisalign, I was left with a completely different and unexpected option... 

Why not clear braces or Invisalign?
This is actually another question I've been asked a lot. As much as I wanted a less obvious option, it was just not the practical option. Receiving Invisalign would have been great option IF I didn't need to shift the top set of teeth back in order to reverse the overjet.

And, clear braces? With this option, the clear brackets stain easily. And, who am I kidding...  I love my coffee, and all the different spices in my food... I know for a fact there would be no way I could even last a day without eating anything that's stains...

But, in all honesty, the real reason I got the full on metal braces is to reduce my overjet as best as the dentists see fit. And, they suggested elastics. So, I will do what I'm told to get the smile I want.

But I guess beauty is pain.

You good though?
I'm doing a bit better. There was absolutely no pain when it came down to having the braces individually placed on my teeth. I only really started to feel them when the wire was placed in. I don't know if it was possible, but I felt discomfort from shifting (I'm assuming) right away. More so on the top set of my teeth than bottom. Which makes sense...

I really miss eating hard meats, and chewing gum. I think my brain and stomach is doing this to me on purpose because the moment I left the dental office was when I started craving a burger, or basically anything meat, and all things I couldn't eat at that very moment. It was hard. It still is actually.

They placed these blue bumps on my bottom molars to keep my jaw open in order to avoid me from biting off my braces. THESE BLUE GUYS ARE THE REASON WHY I CAN'T CHEW. And, it sucks. I really cannot wait until they take them off and I could start eating normally again... As for now, I've been eating a lot of soups and soft foods... at least I'm able to eat.

Overall, I won't lie I'm still feeling a bit self-conscious when it comes to my looks. As weird as it sounds, I don't know how to act normal with braces on. I mean, whenever I talk to anyone I feel  as if they are constantly staring at my teeth, and I have this automatic urge to use my hands to cover my mouth.

But, it's not that bad. My fellow braces survivors have come to my rescue. They've not only been so positive and encouraging with me to just talk normally, they've given me a lot of tips based on their years of experience with braces. It's kind of funny actually. It's like people with (or had) braces have their own little community where they embrace each other with confidence and acceptance. It's quite nice.

My next appointment is in 10 9 weeks... Yes, I am counting down the days. So, until then, I'm trying to figure out how to smile with the braces, and what angles look best.

But, this is mainly it for now. Although, I am thinking of making my braces journey a series... we'll see how it goes.

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