21 November 2016

I'm Feeling 22!

I know, I know. You've probably seen the use of this Taylor Swift song way too many times... but, hey it's finally my turn to jump on this bandwagon because.... I turned 22! 

Yes, yes I did. As of Saturday, I turned 22 years old! And, even though I've only been 22 for like a minute, it's still really hard for me to get used to the fact that I'm no longer 18. Like common, is it just me or is 18 that age you just want to blurt out whenever someone asks how old you are????  

I'm really hoping it's not just me because as of right now, I feel old yet so young at the same time. I'm sure that's normal... but, I'm not really liking this feeling.  

So far in my 22 years in life, I must say it's going pretty well. And, I have to admit, 21 was a great year for me. I graduated from university and earned my HBSc, and I'm currently preparing to start the next chapter of my life. Yes... it is more school. But, this time, I'm going into nursing (literally something I've been trying to achieve for way too long). But, hey, I shouldn't complain. Better late than never no? And, a bunch of other important things happened to me this year (that I sadly cannot remember), but clearly the two I mentioned were the most important.  

The best has yet to come. And, I'm hoping for this year to be a better adventure! I have a lot of goals for myself... you'll see in the next few days when I post it ;) 

But, before I go, can I just quickly tell you guys how I spent my birthday weekend  

My birthday celebration actually started on Friday because my friend, Monica, and I actually both share the same birthday. And, we thought it would so super cute to just spend the 18th together, since we were both already scheduled to work that day. It was too cute. She bought us "Birthday Girl" pink ribbons that we wore on our shirts, and we both went out for lunch! It was great because we both tired out this restaurant Panda express for the first time, and our experience with them was okay. Meh. It doesn't seem much, but I thought It was just perfect for us two! 

The Saturday was my actual birthday, and I was fortunate enough to spend it with both my parents for the morning. My parents gave me money (YAAAAAS) which I was super happy about putting towards some expensive a*s textbooks I need to buy for school. Not the point... I also received a delivery from Jay, who sent me the cutest (and my first) edible arrangements. It not only smelled amazing, it tasted too good.

But, that evening was even better. I spent it with Jay, and he took me to Moxie's. I ordered myself oven roasted chicken with quinoa. Guys, I kid you not, I might just be obsessed with quinoa after this AMAZING plate. Afterwards, we spent the rest of the night with some friends drinking and doing nonsense. It was lowkey, but exactly what I wanted. 

Sunday, was just as great! Sister came home,  the family and I went to Mandarin, a Chinese buffet that was bomb because I got to eat for free! YAY! Thank you mom for constantly signing up and doing surveys for everything. We did a bit of shopping, and ended the day by coming home and relaxing.  

It couldn't have been any better. 

Also, the best part was that I got a lot of cheesecake!!! YUM. 

Let me say this again..... 

I got a lot of cheesecake. 

Even though the weekend is over and today is Monday, urg, the celebrations aren't quite over. My mom, dad and I are actually going out tonight. We will be headed to Niagara Falls to watch Christmas on Ice in one of the Casinos. It should be fun. I've never went to watch anything on ice before. And, it will be my first time at a Casino (or so my parents think) haha.  

How was your weekend?!?! 

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