07 November 2016

I Removed my Bday Off My FB.

A few days ago, I shared with y'all my birthday wish list for this year. So, it's really no surprise that my birthday is quickly coming up. In fact, its in 12 more days!! I'm feeling both excited and meh about the whole thing. I'm turning 22 years old, and everyone wants me to do something big because I'm turning 22 

But, last November I had that sort of mentality when I was turning 21. I even threw a big party. 

So... do I really have to have this mentality every year and do something HUGEIs it really wrong for me to just want to stay lowkey this year? Or just spend my birthday with a smaller group of friends? Or even by myself? I haven't planned anything yet, but I'm seriously wondering...

Last year for my birthday, I co-hosted a party with Jay, and we celebrated turning 21 together. It was easier, since we split the cost of the house we rented, and all the booze and food we bought. Even though it was a BYOB (bring your own booze) party, we knew some of our "friends" would stroll into the party empty handed, so we bought more alcohol to account for those. It turned out to be a lot. Like I spent a lot. So, people really shouldn't get upset if  I don't want to go through that again. Oh, especially the whole cleaning up the next morning... I think that was the worst part.   

And, this year I feel like my priorities have changed. 

I would rather use the money I would spend on throwing the party, and save it. Save it for more important things... like school. Or just put it into my savings account for the future. Just use the money towards me. 

And, the same goes with social media. My priorities and interests have changed. I decided to remove my birthday off FB. Okay, not completely remove it... I didn't know how to do that. So, I changed my birthday to a completely different month and day so no one would see my birthday is on November 19.  

The way I see it, the people who care about me already know when my birthday is. They don't need a reminder. And, as great as it was to open up my FB page and see hundreds of birthday wishes from people I don't talk to anymore... I feel like they felt like they were obliged to wish me. 

Firstly, it's overwhelming... Receiving a lot of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" posts from a lot of different people from my past. And, as much as I feel like they were obliged to wish me, I feel just as obliged to respond to everyone saying "thank you". 

Also, in all honesty, I would rather have a smaller amount of birthday wishes that are genuine. The way I see it, it's quality over quantity. 

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