26 November 2016

Christmas On Ice -- A First

As some of you may have read, I celebrated my 22nd birthday last weekend (wow... this week flew!). Since my birthday perfectly fell on a Saturday, I decided to spend the entire weekend on me! And, it did not end just there. 

A couple of weeks ago, my parents got tickets through their casino membership, to watch a show being performed at a Casino in Niagara Falls. And, my parents strategically chose to R.S.V.P. the Monday after my birthday.  Since you the show is performed in a theatre inside the casino, all guests had to be 19+. My sister finally reaches the age limit, and the whole family was able to watch the show together. 

The drive there wasn't too bad. I'm totally lying. We had to be there for 7:00pm in order to pick up our tickets. For a normal 1 1/2 drive from my place to Niagara Falls... it took us around 2+ hours. And, guess who was the driver.... YUP. ME. Plus, the traffic was just horrible. 

Oh, and let's not forget the horrible cold and windy weather. YUP. Really cold. I literally had to go to the basement to get out my winter TNA jacket and some of my hats to keep me warm.

We actually ended up arriving there right on time to pick up our tickets. And, we were told that the doors would open a little later. So, they encouraged us to roam around... basically to go play in the Casino. But, naw. Instead we walked around and got some food to eat. This was the second time my sister and I came to this particular casino, but we never really went around fully.  So, it was nice to discover new parts.

My parents are so competitive. We were literally one of the first few people to get there before the doors opened... even though our tickets already told us our seats. But, it was pretty cool seeing an empty line up area. Not sure why, but I liked it.

The theatre was actually REALLY warm and cozy. I'm not sure why, but when I thought of Christmas on Ice, I imagined us being at a big ice rink. So, I made sure my hats and mittens were on. But, nope. This show was performed on made ice inside a warm theatre. But, hey, at least we were not sitting on those metal fold up chairs.

We weren't allowed to take pictures during the show, but that's okay. I was too busy enjoying the show to even think about taking out my phone and snapping a few pics.

The show lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes, and it was full of Christmas songs (hence the show called Christmas on Ice) from live performers, as well as backup dancers and singers, and, of course, world class skaters. 

The entire show was quite entertaining. From the tricks being performed by the skaters to the BEAUTIFUL powerful voices of the singer... There were a few times I wanted to hop on stage and join them! They really brought the Christmas spirit out of me, and it really was just entertaining to watch. Heck, the entire show did not even feel like 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

Oh, I do wish we were allowed to take pictures. You could have seen all the beautiful and colourful costuming that was worn. AMAZING. I loved everything.

After the show, my parents decided to play in the casino for a bit before we headed home. My sister and I aren't fans of gambling, so we decided to stay back and roam around the mini mall. At this point, we did do a bit of shopping, and admired at how quiet the entire place was. It was really gave us to chance to see the beautiful Christmas decorations that were slowing going up. 

Even though it was cold, we even took a small walk outside. Niagara Falls is quite a different experience during the fall and winter times of the year. I mean, 2 years ago we came down here in December, but I guess I'm so used to being at the Falls in the summer and seeing SOO much happen around us. The quietness really is beautiful as well. 
We got home pretty late, and went to bed right away. I had work the next morning, but I really didn't mind having a less sleep. It really was nice to spend time with the family. 
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