28 November 2016

The Gilmore Girls TAG

28 November 2016

The Gilmore Girls TAG

Did anyone else spend the majority of their weekend watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life? I did! And, as much as I was excited to binge watch all four episodes, I decided to take my time going through the episodes while appreciating EVERY detail.

I do have to say, Netflix couldn't have done a better job bringing everything I love about Gilmore Girls back to life. All four episodes was everything Gilmore Girls and more. I love how a lot of things stayed the same, yet everything was sooooo different. Watching the episodes made me realized how much I grew up with this show and all the characters. It was basically like catching up with old friends. I loved it.

OH. And, that ending though!!!! I don't want to spoil it... But, I really hope Netflix comes with a second season. That is too much of a teaser to have me waiting...

So, in honour of my love for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, I decide to take part in the Gilmore Girls tag!!! This TAG was originally from Sweet is Always in Style.

1. Let's get the tough question out the way first... Team Dean, Team Jess or Team Logan?
Ohhh. I'm honestly torn between Jess and Logan. I mean, low-key, myself childhood self always wanted Rory with Logan because I thought he was just the cutest guy ever. And, I haven't strayed away from him since. But, besides his looks, I genuinely do think that he and Rory do make a good match. They have more in common together. 

2. You stop by Luke's Diner, your go to menu item is: blueberry muffin, pastry, french toast, burger and fries or pancakes with strawberries? 
Hmm, it really does depend on what time of the day I go there.... but, I do love myself a burger and fries! I low key like to judge and decide between restaurants and diners of who has the better fries and burgers.
BUT, I think I'd probably go there for his coffee. Lorelai obviously loves it. 

3. Harvard or Yale?
I live in Canada, and those schools aren't as well known here. I only know that Harvard is one of the best Law schools... and as for Yale, all I know is that it was Blair Waldorf's dream school! So, it must be good.

4. It's time for the Star's Hollow 'Bid on a Basket' festival. What are you putting in your basket?
Hopefully my bae would successfully bid on my basket; and so, I would prepare a nice picnic with some steak sandwiches, and a few fruits. And, of course cheesecake. Maybe two different types!

5. What's your favourite Gilmore Girls treat food? Pop tarts, Pizza, Chinese, Twinkies?
Oooo.... lately, I've been loving pizza. It's all I want when I have "nothing" to eat. 

6. Friday night dinners or Star Hollow Town meeting?
Friday night dinners for sure. I mean, I didn't get the chance to grow up with my grandparents as the lived in a different country. So, having Friday night dinners with them and my parents, would just be a dream come true.

7. Christopher, Max, Jason, or Luke?
LUKE. He's soooo good to Lorelai and Rory.

8. Rory's ideal night alone is doing laundry in her pyjamas while eating Indian food. What would your ideal night alone be?
In my pyjamas, have my a netflix series (or movies line up) already set up with some pizza. No phones. No social media. Just me and my bed watching anything in peace.

9. Who would you rather hang out with, Paris, Lane or Marty?
Definitely Lane. She's just an amazing friend, and seem's eager to try anything new. I mean, I would love to be friends with Paris if we were in the same classes just for motivation to do as well as her. But, I feel like she can be a bit too much to handle. 

10. Finally, with 'A Year in the Life", what season would you love to visit Stars Hollow in?
WINTER.  Even though I hate winter here in Canada, I feel like winter in Stars Hollow is absolute perfection. They've got the perfect white snow. They don't seem to be freezing their butts off. And, their winters just seem so much more enjoyable. It would be nice to experience different winter. 

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26 November 2016

Christmas On Ice -- A First

26 November 2016

Christmas On Ice -- A First

As some of you may have read, I celebrated my 22nd birthday last weekend (wow... this week flew!). Since my birthday perfectly fell on a Saturday, I decided to spend the entire weekend on me! And, it did not end just there. 

A couple of weeks ago, my parents got tickets through their casino membership, to watch a show being performed at a Casino in Niagara Falls. And, my parents strategically chose to R.S.V.P. the Monday after my birthday.  Since you the show is performed in a theatre inside the casino, all guests had to be 19+. My sister finally reaches the age limit, and the whole family was able to watch the show together. 

The drive there wasn't too bad. I'm totally lying. We had to be there for 7:00pm in order to pick up our tickets. For a normal 1 1/2 drive from my place to Niagara Falls... it took us around 2+ hours. And, guess who was the driver.... YUP. ME. Plus, the traffic was just horrible. 

Oh, and let's not forget the horrible cold and windy weather. YUP. Really cold. I literally had to go to the basement to get out my winter TNA jacket and some of my hats to keep me warm.

We actually ended up arriving there right on time to pick up our tickets. And, we were told that the doors would open a little later. So, they encouraged us to roam around... basically to go play in the Casino. But, naw. Instead we walked around and got some food to eat. This was the second time my sister and I came to this particular casino, but we never really went around fully.  So, it was nice to discover new parts.

My parents are so competitive. We were literally one of the first few people to get there before the doors opened... even though our tickets already told us our seats. But, it was pretty cool seeing an empty line up area. Not sure why, but I liked it.

The theatre was actually REALLY warm and cozy. I'm not sure why, but when I thought of Christmas on Ice, I imagined us being at a big ice rink. So, I made sure my hats and mittens were on. But, nope. This show was performed on made ice inside a warm theatre. But, hey, at least we were not sitting on those metal fold up chairs.

We weren't allowed to take pictures during the show, but that's okay. I was too busy enjoying the show to even think about taking out my phone and snapping a few pics.

The show lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes, and it was full of Christmas songs (hence the show called Christmas on Ice) from live performers, as well as backup dancers and singers, and, of course, world class skaters. 

The entire show was quite entertaining. From the tricks being performed by the skaters to the BEAUTIFUL powerful voices of the singer... There were a few times I wanted to hop on stage and join them! They really brought the Christmas spirit out of me, and it really was just entertaining to watch. Heck, the entire show did not even feel like 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

Oh, I do wish we were allowed to take pictures. You could have seen all the beautiful and colourful costuming that was worn. AMAZING. I loved everything.

After the show, my parents decided to play in the casino for a bit before we headed home. My sister and I aren't fans of gambling, so we decided to stay back and roam around the mini mall. At this point, we did do a bit of shopping, and admired at how quiet the entire place was. It was really gave us to chance to see the beautiful Christmas decorations that were slowing going up. 

Even though it was cold, we even took a small walk outside. Niagara Falls is quite a different experience during the fall and winter times of the year. I mean, 2 years ago we came down here in December, but I guess I'm so used to being at the Falls in the summer and seeing SOO much happen around us. The quietness really is beautiful as well. 
We got home pretty late, and went to bed right away. I had work the next morning, but I really didn't mind having a less sleep. It really was nice to spend time with the family. 
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21 November 2016

I'm Feeling 22!

21 November 2016

I'm Feeling 22!

I know, I know. You've probably seen the use of this Taylor Swift song way too many times... but, hey it's finally my turn to jump on this bandwagon because.... I turned 22! 

Yes, yes I did. As of Saturday, I turned 22 years old! And, even though I've only been 22 for like a minute, it's still really hard for me to get used to the fact that I'm no longer 18. Like common, is it just me or is 18 that age you just want to blurt out whenever someone asks how old you are????  

I'm really hoping it's not just me because as of right now, I feel old yet so young at the same time. I'm sure that's normal... but, I'm not really liking this feeling.  

So far in my 22 years in life, I must say it's going pretty well. And, I have to admit, 21 was a great year for me. I graduated from university and earned my HBSc, and I'm currently preparing to start the next chapter of my life. Yes... it is more school. But, this time, I'm going into nursing (literally something I've been trying to achieve for way too long). But, hey, I shouldn't complain. Better late than never no? And, a bunch of other important things happened to me this year (that I sadly cannot remember), but clearly the two I mentioned were the most important.  

The best has yet to come. And, I'm hoping for this year to be a better adventure! I have a lot of goals for myself... you'll see in the next few days when I post it ;) 

But, before I go, can I just quickly tell you guys how I spent my birthday weekend  

My birthday celebration actually started on Friday because my friend, Monica, and I actually both share the same birthday. And, we thought it would so super cute to just spend the 18th together, since we were both already scheduled to work that day. It was too cute. She bought us "Birthday Girl" pink ribbons that we wore on our shirts, and we both went out for lunch! It was great because we both tired out this restaurant Panda express for the first time, and our experience with them was okay. Meh. It doesn't seem much, but I thought It was just perfect for us two! 

The Saturday was my actual birthday, and I was fortunate enough to spend it with both my parents for the morning. My parents gave me money (YAAAAAS) which I was super happy about putting towards some expensive a*s textbooks I need to buy for school. Not the point... I also received a delivery from Jay, who sent me the cutest (and my first) edible arrangements. It not only smelled amazing, it tasted too good.

But, that evening was even better. I spent it with Jay, and he took me to Moxie's. I ordered myself oven roasted chicken with quinoa. Guys, I kid you not, I might just be obsessed with quinoa after this AMAZING plate. Afterwards, we spent the rest of the night with some friends drinking and doing nonsense. It was lowkey, but exactly what I wanted. 

Sunday, was just as great! Sister came home,  the family and I went to Mandarin, a Chinese buffet that was bomb because I got to eat for free! YAY! Thank you mom for constantly signing up and doing surveys for everything. We did a bit of shopping, and ended the day by coming home and relaxing.  

It couldn't have been any better. 

Also, the best part was that I got a lot of cheesecake!!! YUM. 

Let me say this again..... 

I got a lot of cheesecake. 

Even though the weekend is over and today is Monday, urg, the celebrations aren't quite over. My mom, dad and I are actually going out tonight. We will be headed to Niagara Falls to watch Christmas on Ice in one of the Casinos. It should be fun. I've never went to watch anything on ice before. And, it will be my first time at a Casino (or so my parents think) haha.  

How was your weekend?!?! 

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07 November 2016

I Removed my Bday Off My FB.

07 November 2016

I Removed my Bday Off My FB.

A few days ago, I shared with y'all my birthday wish list for this year. So, it's really no surprise that my birthday is quickly coming up. In fact, its in 12 more days!! I'm feeling both excited and meh about the whole thing. I'm turning 22 years old, and everyone wants me to do something big because I'm turning 22 

But, last November I had that sort of mentality when I was turning 21. I even threw a big party. 

So... do I really have to have this mentality every year and do something HUGEIs it really wrong for me to just want to stay lowkey this year? Or just spend my birthday with a smaller group of friends? Or even by myself? I haven't planned anything yet, but I'm seriously wondering...

Last year for my birthday, I co-hosted a party with Jay, and we celebrated turning 21 together. It was easier, since we split the cost of the house we rented, and all the booze and food we bought. Even though it was a BYOB (bring your own booze) party, we knew some of our "friends" would stroll into the party empty handed, so we bought more alcohol to account for those. It turned out to be a lot. Like I spent a lot. So, people really shouldn't get upset if  I don't want to go through that again. Oh, especially the whole cleaning up the next morning... I think that was the worst part.   

And, this year I feel like my priorities have changed. 

I would rather use the money I would spend on throwing the party, and save it. Save it for more important things... like school. Or just put it into my savings account for the future. Just use the money towards me. 

And, the same goes with social media. My priorities and interests have changed. I decided to remove my birthday off FB. Okay, not completely remove it... I didn't know how to do that. So, I changed my birthday to a completely different month and day so no one would see my birthday is on November 19.  

The way I see it, the people who care about me already know when my birthday is. They don't need a reminder. And, as great as it was to open up my FB page and see hundreds of birthday wishes from people I don't talk to anymore... I feel like they felt like they were obliged to wish me. 

Firstly, it's overwhelming... Receiving a lot of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" posts from a lot of different people from my past. And, as much as I feel like they were obliged to wish me, I feel just as obliged to respond to everyone saying "thank you". 

Also, in all honesty, I would rather have a smaller amount of birthday wishes that are genuine. The way I see it, it's quality over quantity. 

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04 November 2016

My 22nd Birthday Wish List!

04 November 2016

My 22nd Birthday Wish List!

Hey, hey, hey! It's November, and that only means one thing... it is my birthday month! So, I will gracefully ignore all the holiday decorations that stores are already setting up, while I wait for my birthday to quickly approach!

As much as I am excited for my birthday, I really don't have anything planned. It's funny though, my birthday perfectly falls on a Saturday. So, you would think that I would host a party. However, I really don't think I'm up for that this year. I did a house party with friends  last year, and believe me it was fun, but I think this year I want to lay low. Do something small like a dinner with close friends.

Nonetheless, it is still my birthday and I thought it would be fun to create a birthday wish list of 22 things! Oh, if you're wondering why 22 things, it's because I'll be turning 22. 
Hehe, it's corny I know :)

1. A puppy! 
2. A bracelette (or 2)
3. Indigo gift card 
4. A macbook pro

... guys, this is actually harder than I thought...

5. Posie K from Kylie Cosmetics -- mine is almost finished :(
6. While you're on there...Leo Lipkit from Kylie cosmetics please :)
7. Kristen from Kylie cosmetics as well please! Just pay shipping one time.
8. A nice warm pink bath robe!
9. A backpack -- i.e., Hershel bag, or anything practical for school but not bulky 
10. A new phone. iphone, android... not really picky about brand...
11. Sephora gift card! 
12. NYX gift card! 
13. An everyday watch -- something simple, nothing to fancy. Can just be a cute plain face with black/brown/or white straps!

...I really don't know what else I could possibly want

14. All inclusive trip to Europe (anywhere!)
15. Gift card to Forever 21 or H&M or Winners or Marshals (cute clothing stores basically) 
16. RED VELVET CAKE would be awesome! 
17. Expensive candles I don't ever buy! Vanilla scented ones please!
18. Eyelash extensions well, you pay for me to get them, and maybe a refill or two? :)
19. One of those BIG expensive cute stuffed animals! Could be an elephant, panada, or monkey; or all 3??
20. Oval Foundation brush
21. Roses
22. MONEY!

Okay, so first off, making this wishlist was actually not that fun. It was pretty hard thinking of 22 things I really want as a gift. I usually don't ask for much, I guess that's why it's hard to figure out what I want to begin with...

Secondly, I kno, I asked for a lot of gift cards... But, these are the stores where I'm really pick and want specific itemsy... so, maybe it's probably best if I have free reign?? I hope that doesn't make me sound a little selfish.

Actually, I hope this post didn't make me sound so self-centred...

What's on your birthday wish list?

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02 November 2016

November Goals!

02 November 2016

November Goals!

Yesterday was the first day of November, and already the month started off great with such beautiful weather! We should be having a windy cool season, but yesterday was just absotluely beautiful. It was quite warm outside, with just a tint of breeze. Kind of reminded me of spring! It really put me insuch a great mood, the work day flew yesterday. 

Oh, and if it's not quite obvious enough, it's November!!! & and it's my birthday month! I'm actually super excited to see what this months brings!

Not really sure how to end this splur of happiness so I'll just get straight to it. It's that time of the month where I share a few of my goals with y'all!

October Goals Revisited: 
  1. Work and Save. I most certainly did just that this month! I didn't buy anything unnesseary, and I didn't spend money on outside food. I only spent on groceries, and gas. So, this month, a lot of my money was able to go into my savings.
  2. Update old posts. This one is a yes and no. I did go through a few of my old posts, and found myself deleting a few. There were others I noticed that were still being viewed, so I updated those. Other than that, I didn't really do much as I wanted...
  3. Beginners yoga. I wished I did this everyday, but I didn't. I did do some beginner yoga videos from youtube every so often, and I really enjoyed it! It felt like a really good stretch. I really want to continue with this and hopfully turn it into an everyday thing. 
  4. Read. WOW. I actually did not even do this. I began to read a book, and I had it laying on my side table. I would pick it every time I had nothing to watch, but I hadn't finish it entirely. Oopps. 

This Months Goals:

1. Read 3 books. 
This might not seem like a huge amount of books to you, but for me this is! I was actually looking back at the past year and realized I've been reading around 2 books per month. This month I want to try to read 3! First step, pick out 3 books, next step, actually read.

2. Beginners yoga. 
Last month, I really enjoyed following along some beginner yoga youtube videos. It honestly felt like such a great stretch. I want to continue doing as much yoga as I can this month. Perhaps I can find a challenge to really push myself. It really is something I'm starting to love doing every chance I get.

3. Rewatch Gilmore Girls. 
Didn't you hear??? Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is going to be available on netflix in late Novemeber! I am super excited for this. I've waited soooo long for something like this to happen, and now it's finally coming. So, why not prepare for this moment by rewatching all of episodes Gilmore Girls!? This is the priority :)

4. Plan something low-key. 
November is my birthday month! I'm literally counting down the days til my birthday, even though I don't have anything big planned. I really should... My birthday falls on a Saturday this year which is perfect to do something big. But, I did the whole house party thing last year with friends. And, this year, I kind of want to just focus on doing something small with a few friends.

5. Save! 
School is quickly approaching! I already paid for my tutition depoist not too long ago, and I'm almost done saving up for my entire tutition. So, I'm good with that. But, I need to save additional money for another laptop. I'm really considering getting a refurished one, I've hear many great experiences. But, I'm going to wait to see the kind of sales Black Friday in November will bring! I have until before first day of classes to get a laptop... Shouldn't be too hard to save. I've been doing great so far!

6. Start Christmas shopping. 
I don't like the maddness of crowds. This month, I'm going to try my best to get all of my Christmas shopping done. I rather do it now instead of next month where I'm stuck in store for hours due to finding parking, finding my items, and finding a short line that moves fast. This year, I've decided to only get gifts for a few people (literally 5). I have a few things in mind of what I want to get them... Hopefully this won't be too hard.

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