03 October 2016

October Goals

Hello October! I don't know how you got here so quickly, but you're here and I am here to embrace you with open arms! September was a great month for me both here on my blog and out here in my real life. I'm really hoping for more positivity and fun to come my way as we, dare I say it... come to the end of 2016. The new year is approaching us way more faster than I expected. 

But, for now, let's just focus on October, shall we? 

September Goals Revisited:
  1. Reply back. Believe it or not, I actually replied back to ALL of my texts, comments, tweets, everything you can think of. Okay, maybe not one... but, I am going to reply back right after I finish this post.
  2. Read a book. Oh, yes I did! I read, and finished, two books. I'm a slower reader, I'll soon increase my number of reads per month in time.
  3. Complete more than half of blog-tember challenge prompts. I WAS SOOO CLOSE! There were 30 prompts, and I only ended up following 13 of them. The last week of September just got hectic at work, and I found no time, or maybe no will, to type. I'll get 'em next time! 
  4. Hit the gym. Kinda, yes and no. I'll (somewhat) explain a little more below, because I have a new type of goal I want to complete that relates to the gym.
  5. Take photos. oops. I didn't. But, I did find myself taking a lot more videos in September than I normally do. But, then again, snapchat makes that easier nowadays. 
October Goals!

1. Work and save. 
This month, my goal is to make as much money as I can, and save as much as I can as well. As you all know, I start school back in January. And, I am go fortunate to have parents to pay for both my sister and I school funds, but I still want to help out. I've been working towards this goal for months. The ultimate goal is to save up to pay the entire tuition, but making at least half would be great as well!

2. Update old posts.
During one of the prompts from the blog-tember challenge, I went through my old posts and found a few that I want to update and edit a bit, and a few where I just want to straight up delete. Although I would love to keep some of my pasts posts the way they are, I feel like they are also the most many readers keep coming back to... Definitely want to be on my A-game for everything. 

3. Beginners Yoga.
I've decided it is time I start something new. And that something new is Yoga! I actually have legitimate reasons why I want/need to start yoga. So, please, don't think this is a phase I'm going to start and finish. I've been having back problems over the past couple of years, to the point where I feel my spine isn't straight anymore. Scary, I know. But, yoga is suppose to help with my posture. And, I'm hoping with this, it will be the first step to getting a strong and healthy back and posture. 

4. Read (of course).
Remember I mentioned that I have a reading goal of 20 books for 2016? Well, I've finished 14 books so far, and I am more motivated than ever to continue this. I actually like reading. It brings me joy, and my eyes like it so much better than staring at the bright-lit screen of my laptop or tv binge watching shows. At least, reading is helping my mind stay active. 

What are your October goals?

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