21 October 2016

Lady Gaga - Joanne Listening Party

Last night I went to my first listening party, and I couldn't be any happier that it was for the fabulous Lady Gaga! Although she wasn't physically there, we were still able to watch her perform on live stream where she was performing live at another listening party in the States. 

It was such a cool experience. We first got an email saying we won passes to to Lady's Gaga listening party at a secret location. Once we confirmed our attendance, the address of a bar downtown was sent to us, and what time the doors would open. It was drizzling outside, so I was not too impressed that the doors didn't open when they said they were. And, the line to get inside was just too long, and unorganized. But, I guess that was because they had to check for our names on the list. 

The secret location was a bar/club and there were only a few tables and chairs to sit on. So, if you were late, you would be stuck standing the entire time. Also, those who got to sit on tables had more access to the free food they were blessing us with. 

No complaints from me! I didn't eat beforehand, so I was happy with all the free food! They, also gave us tickets to redeem free drinks, and you already know I took advantage of that! The drinks were good and I was happy I didn't spend a dime hehehe. 

Today her album, Joanne, was released and made available for purchase on iTunes, and at last night's listening party, we were able to listen to all of her songs. I have to say, this album was absolutley soulful and amazing. There was a bit of a country vibe, which I did read beforehand that she was moving in a different direction. It was different, but it was perfection. You can literally hear stories within each song. 

We were able to listen to the entire album twice before she went live stream. And, during her live stream she performed 5 songs, and spoke to us a bit mentioning the inspiration behind each song. She sang Diamond Heart,  Just Another Day, A-YO, Million Reasons and Grigio Girls

After listening to the entire album, I was hoping she performed Come to Mama and Hey Girl (ft. Florence Welch). These were just a few of the songs I absolutely enjoyed from the album! 

Her voice was absolutely powerful. I've never been to a concert of her's, but after last night, I think I might have to! 

It was an amazing experience. 
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