28 October 2016

It Might Be Time for A New Laptop

Okay. Before I get straight to the point, I need to say this: I am fully aware that this is my fault. There is no blame being directed elsewhere. I am just clumsy Nessa, and I guess it finally caught up to me...


In the worse way possible to. 

I think I messed up my macbook pro bad. Like really bad to the point where I myself cannot fix it. And, if you know me, I'm the type to do/fix everything I can myself before going to someone for help.

Long story short, as I was getting ready for work a few days ago, I had my coffee in hand as I began to sit into my desk chair. My laptop was already opened, and was set up to continue watching, How to get Away with Murder (interesting show by the way!).

I think you could already tell where this is going...

Somehow, as I placed my coffee mug onto my desk, it tipped over and spilled onto my table. It took me maybe 10 second before I realized that some of that coffee spilled onto my laptop as well.... more specifically, on the right hand corner of my keyboard. And, it spread... quickly.

I took a clean towel to clean the area as quickly as I could. I even placed the laptop upside down. But, when I looked at the time, I noticed I was starting to run late on time, and I needed to get to work. I quickly check my trackpad and keyboard by going onto safari and typing in a random web address. It work, and so I gave myself a pat on the back, and left for work.

I came home later that evening, and BAM. I couldn't log into my laptop. Every time I typed in letter, 4 other characters would appear as I was entering my password. Only a few letters were acting up.

Don't ask me how, but I was able to have a window pop up where I was able to type in the letters to strategically type and erase characters in order to access my laptop. It worked. YES. Okay, next step, was to do research and figure out how to get my keyboard to work. Believe me when I tell you, after hours, I couldn't get it to work. In fact, I think I some how made it worse.

My laptop later died, and once it started back up, my keyboard was just no longer functioning and I was so devastated. I never realized how much I depended on my laptop... I mean, my entire life is on their - from pictures to documents to just about everything... you name it, its on there. And, I just got scared.

At that point, I was willing to drop money just to have my laptop fixed. But, thank goodness for my calm sister who told me to try connecting an external keyboard. IT WORKED.

Opps... so, I know I said "long story short"... but, I swear I'm almost done.

So, right now, using an external keyboard is a temporary solution. I just don't know how practical it would be to carry both my laptop and a keyboard around, especially from class to class when I start up school again in January.

I definitely love my macbook pro, so I wouldn't want to stray away to other laptops. It's now comes down to deciding whether I want to buy a used laptop, a refrubished, or  a new one altogether. A lot of things I have to decide. At least I have a good 2 months to decide and save!

Now I'm done. :) I just needed to vent about this.

Have a good weekend!

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