If We Were on a Coffee Date... | vol. 8

If we were on a coffee date, I'd be drinking peach tranquility herbal tea. I'm assuming we are meeting up at Starbucks today only becuase I'm currently writing this post at Starbucks, and I've been on a tea craze lately. I'm not in school at the moment, so there is really no need for me to stay up late at night studying, so I'm in no real need of their really strong coffee and lattes that make my heart beat super fast and stay up for 2 days straight. Imma stick to tea, until I start back school in January. 

I know... I'm a bit hyper for someone who's not drinking coffee or lattes. But, can you blame me?? I'm currently writing this as I'm sitting at Starbucks, and my sister ordered a lattee, and I can smell it from here. I'm telling you, these are strong!! 

If we were on a coffee date, I'd tell you all about the silly drama going on at work. Thankfully, none involves me or is around me; but, the drama is getting out of hand. It's not even just one drama between a group of people. There is a bunch going on, and I don't even know where to begin. All I know is that I'm trying to stay out of it and not put my two cents worth into what is being told to me. There are lowkey snakes in the workplace. If I say something to the wrong person, who knows where they will take that information to. Oh yeah, one of the drama involves someone snitching about what other coworkers are saying about the managers... It's like I'm back in high school.

If we were on a coffee date, I'd talk to you about How to Get Away With Murder. Since I'm a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy, and literally finished watching all episodes for the 3rd time now, I decided to try out How to Get Away With Murder since Shonda Rhimes is involved in this show as well. This series is really interesting let me tell you. But, now that I'm coming to the end of season 2, I realized that I'm annoyed at a few things in the show. Firstly, I never knew I could dislike and be so annoyed by a character like I am with Mickayla. She's really whiny and has this goody vibe that I'm not feeling and buying. Also, HOW CAN THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS MUCH BY NOW? It's too much I think... way too many murders and secrets going on here. 

If we were on a coffee date, I'd probably let you talk for a bit. Yeah, I really would. I'm really not much of a talker when it comes to myself. Besides, the barista is coming around with samples of something that looksand smells amazing. So, I'm just going to sit here quietly and eat up my samples while nodding at your story because I'm a good friend like that.

If we were on a coffee date, you'd see me dressed up in a costume. Today is October 31st, and it's halloween. I reluctantly swtiched shifts with my friend today only becuase I had an upcoming Friday closing shift that I just wasn't feeling. So, I decided to switch the morning shift for today. And, since it is halloween, my managers encouraged us to wear costumes... That's why I'm dressed like this. I don't want to seem like a party pooper and show up in normal cloths. So, I thought of easy costumes, and decided to be a bunny. But, not a slutty rabbit, common I'm going to work...

I'll post a picture in just a bit... 
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It Might Be Time for A New Laptop

Okay. Before I get straight to the point, I need to say this: I am fully aware that this is my fault. There is no blame being directed elsewhere. I am just clumsy Nessa, and I guess it finally caught up to me...


In the worse way possible to. 

I think I messed up my macbook pro bad. Like really bad to the point where I myself cannot fix it. And, if you know me, I'm the type to do/fix everything I can myself before going to someone for help.

Long story short, as I was getting ready for work a few days ago, I had my coffee in hand as I began to sit into my desk chair. My laptop was already opened, and was set up to continue watching, How to get Away with Murder (interesting show by the way!).

I think you could already tell where this is going...

Somehow, as I placed my coffee mug onto my desk, it tipped over and spilled onto my table. It took me maybe 10 second before I realized that some of that coffee spilled onto my laptop as well.... more specifically, on the right hand corner of my keyboard. And, it spread... quickly.

I took a clean towel to clean the area as quickly as I could. I even placed the laptop upside down. But, when I looked at the time, I noticed I was starting to run late on time, and I needed to get to work. I quickly check my trackpad and keyboard by going onto safari and typing in a random web address. It work, and so I gave myself a pat on the back, and left for work.

I came home later that evening, and BAM. I couldn't log into my laptop. Every time I typed in letter, 4 other characters would appear as I was entering my password. Only a few letters were acting up.

Don't ask me how, but I was able to have a window pop up where I was able to type in the letters to strategically type and erase characters in order to access my laptop. It worked. YES. Okay, next step, was to do research and figure out how to get my keyboard to work. Believe me when I tell you, after hours, I couldn't get it to work. In fact, I think I some how made it worse.

My laptop later died, and once it started back up, my keyboard was just no longer functioning and I was so devastated. I never realized how much I depended on my laptop... I mean, my entire life is on their - from pictures to documents to just about everything... you name it, its on there. And, I just got scared.

At that point, I was willing to drop money just to have my laptop fixed. But, thank goodness for my calm sister who told me to try connecting an external keyboard. IT WORKED.

Opps... so, I know I said "long story short"... but, I swear I'm almost done.

So, right now, using an external keyboard is a temporary solution. I just don't know how practical it would be to carry both my laptop and a keyboard around, especially from class to class when I start up school again in January.

I definitely love my macbook pro, so I wouldn't want to stray away to other laptops. It's now comes down to deciding whether I want to buy a used laptop, a refrubished, or  a new one altogether. A lot of things I have to decide. At least I have a good 2 months to decide and save!

Now I'm done. :) I just needed to vent about this.

Have a good weekend!

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I Blog For Me

This past weekend was quite relaxing. I had the weekend off from work (thank you Jesus!) and I was just able to catch up on a lot of errands and much needed sleep. Oh, I was also able to read up on a lot of my favourite blogs that I didn't get a chance to read through over the past couple of days weeks.

As I was reading through some of my favourite blogs, I realized that I'm slowly turning my attention away from the "How to make money on your blog" or "how to get more followers/comments/traffic" type of posts. I'm a little more interested in reading about my favourite bloggers and how they are doing in life. I like feeling I can connect with a blogger through similar experiences. It's just a great reminder that we all go through sh*t.

And, it got me thinking, here I am on my blog without any updates on my life. I slowly began to feel a bit pressured into writing a separate post saying I'm sorry for not posting. Or at least not doing anything exciting in my life that is considered blog-able.

Then it hit me.

I started this blog for me. 

I created this space that was mine to share my experiences, my favourite memories, and about anything I wanted.

When I first started this blog, it became this fun thing I loved to do on the side during school and work during a rough time in my life. I actually enjoyed it. Then, as I began discovering more blogs, I felt my focus was starting to go in a different direction. All of a sudden, I felt like I had to make posts that would help drive traffic. That I was doing something wrong because I wasn't making money. Then, blogging wasn't fun anymore.

I didn't start my blog to make money. This is definitely not a career I want to pursue full-time (at least for now, who knows what the future holds). I also didn't start my blog with the hopes of having millions of followers.

Who says you need to make money from a blog? Or get a lot of comments? If I do receive a comment or two, YAY! Thank you! If I don't, then that's okay, I really won't cry.. But, it's just not a priority for me to make money on here.

So, I want to go back to where it all started for me. I want to focus on what I want to blog without the worry or stress about creating posts that would attract the most traffic.

For now, I want to blog for me. Not for money. Not for traffic. For me. Maybe one day I will build up that traffic of readers who visit my blog on the daily to justget to know me.

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Currently in October

I really didn't take the time to stop by on my blog and write about what's been going on in my life. So, I thought it would be to finally check in and let you know what I've been currently up to.

But, to be honest, I wrote this post ahead of time. So, as you are reading this, some answers may seem odd, for instance like how I said I'm getting ready for bed even though this is being posted in the morning... 

READING... Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates
PLAYING...  BrainWars on my phone, very addicting 
WATCHING... Haters Back Off! on Netflix
TRYING... to stretch out my back 
EATING... shortbread biscuits 
DRINKING... homemade peppermint tea 
CALLING... for Penelope 
TEXTING...  my sister  
TWEETING... about it being Monday 
GOING... to bed shortly 
LOVING... how organized my agenda is looking!
HATING... the back pains 
DISCOVERING... braces, and everything about them...
THINKING... getting back into the eyelash extension flex
FEELING... happy :)  
HOPING (for)... positivity 
LISTENING (to)... Hey Girl by Lady Gaga ft. Florence Welch  
CELEBRATING... the hours I have for work this week; my pay check is going to be blessed
SMELLING... my vanilla scented candle 
ORDERING... nothing!! :) 
THANKING... the God for this life
CONSIDERING... which book to pick up next
STARTING... to appreciate the work life  
FINISHING... up my tea, yum
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Lady Gaga - Joanne Listening Party

Last night I went to my first listening party, and I couldn't be any happier that it was for the fabulous Lady Gaga! Although she wasn't physically there, we were still able to watch her perform on live stream where she was performing live at another listening party in the States. 

It was such a cool experience. We first got an email saying we won passes to to Lady's Gaga listening party at a secret location. Once we confirmed our attendance, the address of a bar downtown was sent to us, and what time the doors would open. It was drizzling outside, so I was not too impressed that the doors didn't open when they said they were. And, the line to get inside was just too long, and unorganized. But, I guess that was because they had to check for our names on the list. 

The secret location was a bar/club and there were only a few tables and chairs to sit on. So, if you were late, you would be stuck standing the entire time. Also, those who got to sit on tables had more access to the free food they were blessing us with. 

No complaints from me! I didn't eat beforehand, so I was happy with all the free food! They, also gave us tickets to redeem free drinks, and you already know I took advantage of that! The drinks were good and I was happy I didn't spend a dime hehehe. 

Today her album, Joanne, was released and made available for purchase on iTunes, and at last night's listening party, we were able to listen to all of her songs. I have to say, this album was absolutley soulful and amazing. There was a bit of a country vibe, which I did read beforehand that she was moving in a different direction. It was different, but it was perfection. You can literally hear stories within each song. 

We were able to listen to the entire album twice before she went live stream. And, during her live stream she performed 5 songs, and spoke to us a bit mentioning the inspiration behind each song. She sang Diamond Heart,  Just Another Day, A-YO, Million Reasons and Grigio Girls

After listening to the entire album, I was hoping she performed Come to Mama and Hey Girl (ft. Florence Welch). These were just a few of the songs I absolutely enjoyed from the album! 

Her voice was absolutely powerful. I've never been to a concert of her's, but after last night, I think I might have to! 

It was an amazing experience. 
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October Goals

Hello October! I don't know how you got here so quickly, but you're here and I am here to embrace you with open arms! September was a great month for me both here on my blog and out here in my real life. I'm really hoping for more positivity and fun to come my way as we, dare I say it... come to the end of 2016. The new year is approaching us way more faster than I expected. 

But, for now, let's just focus on October, shall we? 

September Goals Revisited:
  1. Reply back. Believe it or not, I actually replied back to ALL of my texts, comments, tweets, everything you can think of. Okay, maybe not one... but, I am going to reply back right after I finish this post.
  2. Read a book. Oh, yes I did! I read, and finished, two books. I'm a slower reader, I'll soon increase my number of reads per month in time.
  3. Complete more than half of blog-tember challenge prompts. I WAS SOOO CLOSE! There were 30 prompts, and I only ended up following 13 of them. The last week of September just got hectic at work, and I found no time, or maybe no will, to type. I'll get 'em next time! 
  4. Hit the gym. Kinda, yes and no. I'll (somewhat) explain a little more below, because I have a new type of goal I want to complete that relates to the gym.
  5. Take photos. oops. I didn't. But, I did find myself taking a lot more videos in September than I normally do. But, then again, snapchat makes that easier nowadays. 
October Goals!

1. Work and save. 
This month, my goal is to make as much money as I can, and save as much as I can as well. As you all know, I start school back in January. And, I am go fortunate to have parents to pay for both my sister and I school funds, but I still want to help out. I've been working towards this goal for months. The ultimate goal is to save up to pay the entire tuition, but making at least half would be great as well!

2. Update old posts.
During one of the prompts from the blog-tember challenge, I went through my old posts and found a few that I want to update and edit a bit, and a few where I just want to straight up delete. Although I would love to keep some of my pasts posts the way they are, I feel like they are also the most many readers keep coming back to... Definitely want to be on my A-game for everything. 

3. Beginners Yoga.
I've decided it is time I start something new. And that something new is Yoga! I actually have legitimate reasons why I want/need to start yoga. So, please, don't think this is a phase I'm going to start and finish. I've been having back problems over the past couple of years, to the point where I feel my spine isn't straight anymore. Scary, I know. But, yoga is suppose to help with my posture. And, I'm hoping with this, it will be the first step to getting a strong and healthy back and posture. 

4. Read (of course).
Remember I mentioned that I have a reading goal of 20 books for 2016? Well, I've finished 14 books so far, and I am more motivated than ever to continue this. I actually like reading. It brings me joy, and my eyes like it so much better than staring at the bright-lit screen of my laptop or tv binge watching shows. At least, reading is helping my mind stay active. 

What are your October goals?

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