18 September 2016

Simplifying My Life with a Laptop Desk

Can we just talk about laptop desks for a moment?

I've never heard about laptop desks before. In fact, it was my sister who introduced the idea to me when she was on a mission to get one for herself before school started. We went to IKEA who supposedly discontinued the product. I say supposedly only because their website said they were available in other stores. Weird.

Any who, after that moment, my sister and I were looking into Walmart. And, blah no luck in the Canadian stores. Although, you can get them in the States, but they unfortunately don't ship up here to Canada. So, we for to just forgot about it.

It wasn't until we went to Winners (it's your Marshals my fellow American readers!) and randomly found it. Luckily there was only 2 left, so right then and there we each picked one for ourselves. 

I cannot even begin to tell how much this laptop desk simplified my life!

Also, I'm not even sure why it is only now that I discover the laptop desk... after I graduated from university... *insert rolling eyes emoji here*. It would've definitely been useful.

Yes, I have a desk. I also have a computer chair to sit on. And, there is space on my desk for my laptop to rest on. But, you see, sometimes I just don't want to sit on a chair. There are days where I'd rather lay or sit in bed all comfy and just work under my cozy sheets. But, the only problem I've experienced were back pains. 

Oh man, the back pains I've gotten were so bad over the past couple of years because of school. There were nights where I chose to do some work or study on my bed, but I never really noticed how much strain my neck and back endured just to bend in order to read a textbook or write notes.

What I love about this particular laptop desk is that it allows me to sit upright while reading a book or doing some typing on the laptop. That means no more straining my back and no more hunching over. I hated when I did that. What's even better is the fact that I can elevate part of the desk to best fit how I wanted my book or laptop to sit.  

Truthfully, this option was also a much cheaper option than purchasing from online, like from Ebay or Amazon. Believe it or not, I bought this for only $24.99 CAD. The cheapest one I found online was for $25.99 plus shipping. A lot of them didn't even have the option of elevating part of the desk, whereas my laptop desk allows me not only to elevate part of the desk, but still have some space to rest my phone, or wireless mouse, or even write notes on a notebook.

Talk about making my life so much more simpler on my bed!

I also love the fact that I was able to get this in pink with the motivating words "hustle". I told you before, I'm a sucker for cute pink things.

It may be 4 years too late for this purchase, but I'm glad I have it now. I'm going back to school in January. If there are still nights where I feel like doing a bit of work in bed, I can always pull this bad boy out.  Besides school, it has some good use now, especially when writing blog posts like this one ;)
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