11 September 2016

Favourite Instagrammers!

Hello blogging world!

Can you believe I'm back on hereon a Sunday? Well, believe it! I'm still participating in the blog-tember challenge, and I'm really proud of myself for completing 7 out of 11 prompts so far (including this post)! Theres 30 in total, and one of my goals was to complete at least half. So far so good!

Speaking of Sundays, Sundays are usually my most relaxing day of the week. I tend to spend my Sundays doing either last minute stuff, or just plain ol' nothing. Sometimes, I even like to disappear from friends and family just to have this day all to myself.  But, thats only sometimes.

I think it's safe to say we all love laying in bed for a couple more hours than we should and just scroll around on my phone.  I know I do. And instagram is the first place I visit.
Here are some of my favourite instagram accounts I love to scroll through!







P.S. Since you're already here, don't forget to follow me on insta! I tend to follow everyone back!

**I know.. shamelessly promoting myself over here :)

Who are your favourites? Who should I be following?

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