10 September 2016

A (Not So Typical) Day in The Life

My life is not so typical.  I do not have a daily routine like others may have because my usual class and work schedule varies on a day to day basis. I can either wake up early in the morning because I have an 8:00am shift, or I can sleep in until 10:00am and slowly get ready for my 1:00pm shift. It varies.

It's kind of exciting actually because I'm always doing something different.

My dad's cousin came into town for about 2 days before hopping onto another flight and heading out to New York City! So, for those 2 days, we had to blitz through all usual things tourists would see here in Toronto, and instead choose some of the more important landmarks.

This is a not so typical day in the life of Nessa. 

Good morning!  It's 7am.  Not only was I awoken by a phone call from my dad telling to get up and get ready (urg), but also from Ms. Penelope.  I think she was getting annoying that I wasn't showing her any love. She was nudging at my arm, and would stop until I was petting her. Talk about needy. Just kidding, she's a cutie, and I was happy to comply.

8:30ish am - My morning begins with just my mom and I as we take a little drive into downtown.   My mom is currently picking up a few things from work.  While waiting for her, I'm also waiting for the sun to come out.  But, for now, I'm really enjoying the view and the cool breeze.  I love when the sky looks all pretty with different shades of pink and purple. I love it.

9:35am - Since my mom has work later tonight, we decided to make a quick stop by the house for her to gather her things. You know, just in the case the day runs long and doesn't have time to come home before work.  We decided to take local way home because there was just too many cars on the highway. We didn't mind, I like spending more time with my mom.

Oh, I took a selfie for this hour because I usually don't take selfies and I've been loving my hair this morning. It's giving me that Ariana Grande vibe.

10:15am - BREAKFAST TIME. Remember I mentioned earlier my dad calling me and waking me up? It was for this exact moment. His cousin and hubby are staying at a hotel, and my dad wanted us to take them out to breakfast.  We went to this cute breakfast/lunch diner where there was a huge selection of breakfast. I didn't realize how many different ways you can make a breakfast dish.  It was a huge and delicious breakfast. I'll probably be full for the rest of the day...

11:58am/noon - We are back in downtown, but the other and more busier side of the City! Even though I live here, I always find myself taking pictures of the CN tower. I love my city, so why not right? Anyways, this is the first of the 2 main places C and L wanted to see during their short stay here. Because the admission to go up to the top was a bit on the expensive side, my mom and I decided to sit this one out. Besides, I've lived here my whole life and had my fair share of exploring my city, including going to the top of the CN Tower many times growing up.  I want the lovely couple some romantic time alone.

1:00pm - Although my mom and I decided to not go to the top with them, even though they were very persistent, they went alone! We even encouraged them to take their time. They aren't in Canada all the time right? So, there's really no point of them rushing just because we are waiting. Well, technically we aren't waiting for them.  My mom and I are at a coffee shop. We took our chargers out, and are currently both talking and being on our phones at the same time. Our version of a little coffee date!

1:30pm - I wanted them to get a feel for the city, so we decided to take a walk. Even though the sun was out, and it was a bit hot, walking never felt so nice. Because the lake is literally on the other side of the street, and we are walking between high building, the breeze was just absolutely beautiful. Also, during this walk, I found myself taking a lot of upward pictures of buildings. I don't know why, but I find buildings really pretty haha.

2:00pm - I'm on a boat! Okay, not really. We are technically on a Ferry Boat. But, what's the difference? I really have no idea. But, any who, during my coffee date with mom, we were talking about other little things to see before we head of the downtown core of the city. Then it hit me, let's take them to see the city line! Not many tourist know this (I think), but there is a Ferry Dock literally only 15 minute walk from the CN Tower. The ferry fare is super cheap, I'm talking literally $7.50 for to and from the city.

The ferry here can take you to three little "islands". By random selection, we decided to go to Hanlan's point. Even though I mentioned I lived here my whole life, I never been to this island. So, that was a good change. But, on the way to all three islands, this 5 minute ferry ride give you the chance to see the beautiful glimpse of the city line.

2:45pm - I'm leaving Hanlan's point feeling extremely relaxed, and now a bit tired. This mini island was basically a beautiful big park to walk or take a bike ride or walk your dog like others did. We decided to sit near a mini pond, or maybe it was part of the lake, I'm not sure, but nonetheless, it was still relaxing. We had a great time just chatting away.

4:00pm - I just dropped C and L back to their hotel room. They wanted to rest a bit and charge their camera battery before heading out tonight. I also dropped my mom off to work, and I headed back home. My book shelf has been bothering for for the last week. It think it is too full, I don't know. I'm just not feeling it. This is a picture of where I'm starting from. I'm thinking of buying a second shelf to spread some of the books from this shelf, and other books that are just laying from my desk... hmm...

6:10pm - Okay, I instead took a nap because I was pretty exhausted. I'm good now. Since my mom is at work, and my dad just got off work a couple hours ago, we are taking the cousins to see my sister in Hamilton. I'm going to driving this long 40 (45?) minute drive to my sister.  But, thats not the last stop for the night...

6:50pm - We are in Hamilton. We are currently waiting for the sister bring her presence into the car. Haha, she asked us to call her when we were 10 minutes away so she can get ready. I think she's pretty much starting to get ready now. My sister goes to school in a different city for those of you wondering!

7:40pm - The drive was definitely longer than I remembered... Not sure if it was because we made a pit stop to pick up my sister on the way... But, it doesn't mater, we are here! If you cannot tell from the pic, we are finally in Niagara Falls! And, what a view we have.

8:32pm - I'm not sure how the time flew so quickly, but we walked from one end of the falls to the other end. So, we got to see the American falls, and also the Canadian falls up close! We also went inside the souvenir shop there before it closed. We were pretty much just talking and walking around while waiting for the lights to shine on the water. 

9:52pm - Dinner time! We are still here at the Falls, and we decided to eat at the Kelseys here! The family is enjoying a beer/wine, and I'm here drinking gingerale because I already know I'm the designated driver for tonight! Boooooo.

10:37pm - We sent the lovely couple onto the Niagara Sky Wheel! If you've been to London before, it looks exactly like the London Eye! We thought it would give them a beautiful view of the entire city and falls. Plus, more romantic time for them without my dad, sister, and I tagging along!

11:15pm - Bowling anyone? They wanted to play some bowling, so here we are! It's been a while since I went bowling, only because I know I suck. But, today, I was actually winning for once! I even got 2 strikes in a row! Not too shabby. But, I also think it was because I was the only not drinking ;)

12:00am - Before heading back to the city, they wanted to hit the Casino first. Since my sister is finally legal to even enter the facility, it was perfect! I didn't want to take a picture from the inside, not trying to be arrested for some conspiracy of cheating. I don't know. But, this place was amazing and full of zombie looking people. I personally didn't play any of the games, but I did enjoy watching the others.

Well, this was fun! It was like I was also giving you a tour of the city today! Like I mentioned earlier in the post, this is not a typical day for me. I don't always go into the city and travel to Niagara Falls! Maybe next time I'll go through an actual regular (and more boring) day in my life! 

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