07 September 2016

5 Things That Bring Me Joy

Hiya! Today, I'm sharing five things that bring me joy! For this post, I decided to shy away from humans... haha specifically from family, friends and loved ones. How can I honestly pick only 5? I mean, everyone is in my life for a reason and because I want them there. So... choosing only 5 is definitely not easy. They all bring joy into my life!

This is, of course, is in no particular order:

Five Things that Bring Me Joy 

The library and/or book store
I've said this a million times as a kid to my family and friends... "if one day I choose to run away, you'll probably find me at a book store!"

I love book stores. I love the welcoming feeling of being able to just pick out a book and sit on the floor comfortably. I love seeing the many books surround me, and I love the fact that theres always a cafe near by. I can literally spend hours just browsing through books, and I will always leave feeling a sense of joy.

How can I not mention flowers? There are just so many to choose from, all with different looks and different smells. I love receiving a bouquet of flowers.

Coffee brings me morning, afternoon, and evening joy! Literally, when I drink coffee I feel a sense of energy I didn't have earlier in the day. I also feel nice and warm when drinking coffee. Also, some of my favourite memories with friends were over coffee dates. Even though I usually have my coffee to go, I love those easy go moments where I can sit in a cafe, with cup of coffee in hand and just relaxing, or reading.  

I live in the city... with all the crazy lights and busy LOUD streets. When I look up into the night sky, I often see the moon and moving lights which are obviously (supposedly?) from airplanes. Not much excitement there. But, growing up, I've had the opportunities to leave the city for many overnight weekend trips, and one of my most favourite parts was seeing a vast array of stars right above me.

Fortunately, I got to witness not one, but two shooting stars and see what the Little Dipper/Ursa Minor looks in person! I've read many pictures books growing up about stars and all the planets, but seeing this in person, literally made me happy. Whenever I leave the city, even if its to another city just 30 minutes out to visit friends or family, you never not see looking up at the sky in awe.

Such beauty that truly brings me joy.

And, last, but certainly not least...

Okay, technically Penelope is not a person (even though her soul says otherwise), but she is a little rabbit, and I think none of my friends and family will get hurt if I put her on my list! I mean, common, she's a cute little bunny! 

This little rabbit is one of the best gifts Jay (or anyone as a matter of fact) has ever given me! I love animals, especially cute little ones. And, the fact that I was given the gift to take care living being under my watch truly makes me feel so honoured -- this is probably the closest thing to parenthood (which, is just not part of my plan at the moment). But, nonetheless, she truly is a campion in my home. I just love seeing her run around in my room, or hop ontop of my bed , or just stare at me with her cute blue eyes . She's just a bundle of joy.

What brings you joy?

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