29 August 2016

What a Weekend!

Is it really Monday already? I only ask because this past weekend was not only eventful, but tiring as well! This past weekend consisted of two weddings, and one (really) long hike!

I came home Friday, Saturday, and Sunday extremely exhausted.  I literally fell asleep the moment my head touched my pillow. There was just a lot happening! However, I really shouldn't complain. Over the course of the summer, the majority of my weekends consisted of just relaxing at home or working or going out for a couple of hours on a Saturday night. So, this past weekend was really such a good change of pace. 

On Friday, my God Brother/cousin (2nd cousin?) finally tied the knot to his beautiful bride. What got me the most was the fact that they've been dating for 10 years! I was literally in denial thinking back to the first time I heard about his girlfriend - I was 11 years old. Time flies, and I'm really happy that they get to have many more years together. 

I unfortunately did not attend the wedding ceremony part at the church, I did however attend their reception. I have to say, their wedding reception was beautiful and organized (for once)! Unlike other brown family parties that I've attended, which are literally 2 hours behind, everything was all timed out perfectly! I even loved the fact that they took the time to decide the seating arrangements! It was all to perfect. (This all might be a norm for you at weddings and functions, but not for brown fam jams. Trust me.)

My phone was dying fast that Friday night all because snapchat was being dumb and not posting anything. So by the time we were 2 hours into the wedding, I gave up on snapchat only to find myself with 36% battery left for the rest of the night. Usually I wouldn't mind because I have a backup charger, but that decided to break when I accidentally dropped it earlier when trying to get into the car. So, I unfortunately did not take too my pictures. 

The main cousins and I, as per usual, took photos of each other in our outfits. And, I wore a beautiful pink coloured saree that was simple yet chic. I love simplicity. I also love wearing a saree blouse that is completely different from the saree material and material. Oh, plus the colour of my hair looked absolutely perfect with my saree. Everything little detail really did tie in together properly.

The very next morning, my other cousin decided to get married! I'm not very close with her (anymore), but we still attended and I was genuinely very happy for her and her hubby. They were actually very cute together! You can very well see the love they have for each other, and they both looked absolutely stunning! 

They, as a couple, are very low-key. I'm not entirely sure why, but they decided to pass on having a wedding ceremony at a church. Instead, they had a wedding registration in a hall with only 100 of their "closest" family. Very different from the wedding from the night before. But, nevertheless, it was still a beautiful ceremony.

I decided to pass on wearing a saree, and instead wear a completely different style. To be honest, I forgot what this style is called, but it's a two piece as you can see in the photos above. Like a saree, I wore a blouse, but unlike a saree, I wore a long skirt and a shall. I think this was a great decision, especially since the night before we didn't get home until very late. And, because my mom is Filippina and doesn't know how to wrap me in a saree, I would have had to travel to my aunt's house early in the morning to help me get dressed. So, wearing this was easy to slip on. The only struggle was the waking up part! 

I felt bad about my energy through the wedding though. Because of the late night and early wake up, I didn't feel like me. I was much more quiet. And a little more sassier (okay.. maybe more meaner) than usual.  I guess I was just exhausted. I was definitely not all talks and smiles.

One amazing thing about this wedding was meeting so many family members that knew both my sister and I in our "early days", as they like to describe. A lot of them were also telling us about them being at my parents wedding. I even met one of my mother's bridesmaid. Weird... not exactly sure about the story there and why our families haven't spoken in all the years... My parents were very dismissive about the whole thing as well... weird. But, it was still great to meet other family members. 

That day, I went home, and fell asleep. I didn't wake up until Sunday. 12+ hours of sleep still did not feel like it was enough!  

Sunday, was a bit more of a "relaxing" day. I woke up early, and went on a hike. I actually went back to a location that I did not complete. Again, I didn't get to complete it. This trail had a lot of up and down hills, and found myself having a lot of back pain during the uphills. Because it was my back, we decided to call it quits and hit up a different venue. 

I also got the chance to watch Don't Breathe in theatres, which just came out this weekend. And, what a great thriller that was! I usually love thrillers anyways, but this was on a different level for me. I was actually at the edge of my seat constantly guessing what would happen next, and then be surprised when it went in a completely different direction. An amazing movie! (watch there trailer HERE).

Afterwards, I went grocery shopping before hitting the gym and focused a lot of my back (due to earlier pains). I'm not sure if it helped, but I definitely will be going back to the gym later today. 

So, there you go! Today's post was a bit longer than usual, but hey, I'm blogging on a Monday after an exhausting weekend. And, you're here reading it! So yay us for being some go-getters on a Monday! 

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