17 August 2016

The Way to My Heart...

I'm sure you've heard of the saying, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"... Does this really apply to men? I mean, I love food, and if you take me out to a restaurant that serves amazing food or take the time to make me a delicious home cooked meal, to me... you're the real deal! So, lets change up that saying a bit and directed towards me... well, everyone. 

Don't lie. 

We all love food :D

One of my main goals over the past couple of months was to lose weight... you know, the weight I've gained from all the stress eating. I just have some of those days where I am eating super healthy, and then... there are other days where, well, I consider them my "cheat" days.

But, I just can't help it if food is so yummy! 

Growing up, I used to eat my favourite foods on the daily, including a Filipino dish called palabok (thank you momma), and a Sri Lankan dish, goat curry (thank you dad!). Yes, shout out to my parents who were constantly in the kitchen fulfilling my hunger. But, yeah, like I said, I used to eat my favourites on the daily.

Over the past couple of years, I began to slowly taste different types of food, and found out how amazing other cultures can take a meat I've been eating for years and completely transform the taste. I'm not a professional foodie or whatever, but I do appreciate great tasting foods.

That's why this post is a tribute to some of my favourite dishes I ate over the summer... Am I proud of it? Kinda. YES. There were some damn good, tasty dishes!

This made me hungry... I should probably go make myself a fruit shake...

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