05 August 2016

5 minutes of Rambling

Writing everything down. For 5 minutes. Let's go. 

Is it just me or is summer going by quickly? Well, for me, it is. I sometimes feel like I am on autopilot. I wake up in the morning, do what I have to do for the day, come home, watch anything and everything on netflix, and then call it a night. The only changes in my day is whether or not I'm scheduled for work, or if I made plans to hang out with some friends and family. 

But, this summer is different. Things are different. Maybe I'm different this time around. If it was last summer, I would be obsessed with finding something fun, exciting, and adventurous to do during everyday of the summer. But, this summer, it's not quite like that.. I feel like I'm thinking more practically, or I'm just more focused on me... 

Maybe, it has something to do with the fact that I decided to go back to school in January... I want things this time around to be more meaningful. I want to have more of a purpose and a clear set out end goal. I want a career waiting for me.

But, thats not to say I'm not enjoying my summer... I like hanging out with my family. Lately I've been learning more and more about what family is. I've had the privilege of spending more and more time with my little cousins. I don't want the little ones growing up without knowing much about me or my sister. I want them to one day come to me and reminisce on stories about all the fun and crazy times they have about my sister and I. 

That would be amazing.  
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