07 July 2016

*Sigh of Relief* FINALLY

I've been in a rut over the course of June. I didn't go out as much, I sat in my room either watching Netflix, or sleeping. I didn't know what was "wrong" with me. I just wanted to sleep, go to work, make money, pay off my credit card bills, and just find something good to watch on Netflix. This was pretty much all I did.

I didn't realize until now that I was probably feeling this way due to the fact that I was stressed. I was honestly stressed about my future and answering the question of "what's next?"

I've been saying over and over again here on the blog (for years) that my ultimate goal is to become a nurse. And, after finishing university, I decided to give it another try. I won't lie, coming out of high school, I got waitlisted, almost everywhere I applied to. So, you could already imagine what was going through my mind when I was applying to some of the same schools now... I was nervous the same results would happen. 

Most programs in Ontario can either start in September, January, or May. Of course, being done school and all, I thought it would be best to be applying for the September intake. Long story short, that didn't go as well as I wanted. I got into programs, like P.S.W., Autism and Behavioural Science,   and Concurrent Disorders, but I never back for nursing. 

I decided to take a breather and reapply for the January intake. This time, I took a different approach and decided to be more active in my applications. I called the administration department at the schools I really wanted to attend (they probably could recognize my phone number by now) and asked them many questions. 
I found out that most schools offer and/or require a skills assessment test (with the addition of high school marks) that includes math, chemistry, biology and english... All of which I had not practiced nor studied in over 4 years (since grade 12) with the exception of english. 

So, yeah. I was nervous. But, I studied my a*s off, and even got my younger sister to help me in chemistry because she not only understood it, but she also loved the subject back in high school. 

Long story short, I wrote the test almost 2 weeks ago at one school, and wrote it at another school less than a week ago. Normally the test results would be updated onto your school profile account and updated on the application by now. For the first school, 2 weeks was way too long to not have my results updated. 

I did good. I know I did, and last night I decided to call admissions. And, believe it or not, she changed the results manually and immediately (because I learnt that technology can sometimes be flawed). Then, she told me the best news I've heard in months - that I would be hearing back by Friday! I knew what that meant. 

All of last night, my eyes were stuck to my laptop and phone while constantly refreshing the page. I was eager. And then, while having a nice dinner for a cousins 21st bday, I received the best news. 

I GOT AN OFFER for practical nursing! Not for the one school, but for the TWO SCHOOLS I wrote tests for. And, I couldn't be any happier and excited! It has been a long time coming, and I know I've been wanting this since forever. 

So, you're girl will be going back to school in January to start a new journey! This should be a fun and interesting journey because not only was I pushing myself to study for these tests, but I was also pushing my cousin! Now, she will shortly be getting her offer as well, and that means our childhood dream of going to school together will actually be a reality! 

I guess sometimes, when you want something really badly, you'll do whatever it takes to get it. 
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