07 June 2016

In Other News... I Graduated!

Oh, hey there!

It's been awhile hasn't it? I guess I could bore you with all the details of how busy I was or how I've been sleeping to catch upon rest because I've been busy, or even how I had a really had allergic reaction which caused me to be M.I.A. here and in real life. I could go over all that, but it is not as exciting with what latest achievement I'm about to share with you...

I have officially graduated from University!

And, I couldn't be anymore excited and proud!

Even though the convocation ceremony was just last night, I feel like it still hasn't hit me! I guess I just cannot believe how fast 4 years has gone, and that within the last 4 years I've earned my Honours of Bachelors Degree in Science. It has been a long time coming and I really couldn't be any more happier.

I am proud to say that I am the first in my dad's immediate family to graduate from university!! To me, that is a huge accomplishment in itself, because I know I made my grandmother super proud. And, even though I may not be the first from my mom's immediate family, I am the third, which is still a big accomplishment as well.

Anyways, last night's convocation ceremony was well organized and so much more faster than I thought. I mean, the ceremony was 2 hours long, but it did not feel like that at all! The speeches were short, sweet and to the point, and because the graduating class was huge, we went up on stage in twos, which made things run so much more faster! 

Unfortunately, the weather did a 360 on us and ended up becoming rainy and gloomy after the ceremony. So, I was happy I got a few pictures with a few of my friends before the ceremony.

Overall, I am happy I attended my convocation ceremony (yes, there was a point where I was questioning whether or not I attend the ceremony), and I am even happier that I've graduated university. I couldn't be more proud of myself.

I did it!  

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