11 May 2016

Dear (Ex) Best Friend

Dear High School (Ex) Best Friend, 

It has been YEARS since we've last sat down and actually spoke. I want to say it has maybe been 4 or 5 years... but, when I tried to count the years, it actually made me sad. I can't believe we I have even allowed the years to pass without us taking the time to catch up over coffee.

I don't remember how we stopped talking entirely. Maybe I did something wrong? Maybe life got in the way? I don' know. But, I really miss us... I miss you. 

I recently wished you a "happy birthday" over Facebook, because I realized that I no longer have your phone number, and you probably no longer have mine. I thought it would be fun to do a throwback while write you a sweet birthday message and even include the one nice smiling photo we have together.  But, as I was going through the many photos we took together throughout high school, 
I found myself smiling at the many fun adventures we had. We had a lot. I know you appreciated my birthday message, but your comment back made me realize, whatever happened between us was real.

I remember you once messaged me over Skype asking me what happened, asking me what you did wrong within our friendship... I remember replying back that you never did anything wrong.  A few months later, you messaged me again asking the same question... I never responded... I'm still not sure why I never replied.

Our last year of high school was weird, and that was when I felt us slowly going our separate. You and I were so stressed about the next years of our lives, you left the program you and I were once enrolled in and went through a different path in high school. That left us with completely different schedules, completely different classes, and completely different lunches. We were just on different pages of life. 

It sucked. 

And looking back now, I wished I tried harder when it came to you and your new group of friends. I wished I invited you out more with my new group of friends. I wished we made more time for each other.

Anyways... there's no point of dwelling on the past, especially on a great one. Instead, I will always remember you as the best best friend I've ever had. In fact, I can honestly say that you are the one friend who has never betrayed me. You always had my back 100%, and I wished I thanked you more for it.

So, if theres a slight chance you one day come across this letter, I want to stay thank you. Thank you for being an amazing friend to me in high school. My days were so much more funnier and happier because of you and your goofiness. Oh, and thank you for making our dreaded IB classes so much more enjoyable. God only knows the MANY struggles we had when it came to chem and math. 

Wishing you the best and brightest future.

Your Asian-Brownie Friend 

P.S. My parents still ask about you; they always wonder how you're doing and when you're ever going to come down to visit. 

This photo was taken in 2010! I remember we were waiting in line to take our school pictures!
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