03 May 2016

A New Blog Name -- Welcome to Nessa's Bliss!

Notice anything different?

That's right! A new blog name + a new blog look!

My little blogging corner on this side of the internet has completely transformed and I couldn't be any happier and more excited! In all honestly, I was actually planning to launch this rebrand later on, like August, with more warning for you all. But I was a little too excited and couldn't hold out any longer!

Plus, the timing felt right!

I just finished undergrad. Soon I will be attending my graduation ceremony. It is all just a HUGE accomplishment. But, I'm not done school yet. I've decided to do a complete switch of a career path, stepping away from psychology and focusing more toward critical patient care. So, new things are happening for me. One chapter is coming to a close, and I will soon begin a new chapter. So, I thought, why not start out fresh altogether? I mean, it makes perfect sense! And, that's what I decided to do - starting with a new personalized blog name, which includes my name! eek! Super excited!

As much as I loved the idea of keeping a similar name between my Tumblr (She Writes About You) and my actual blog, I just felt that I Write About You no longer meshes well with my current life and what I actually blog about.

I Write About You will definitely stay near to my heart. I always found the name itself to be very unique. But, as I said, my blogging has become more personal, and more focused on what I'm currently loving, or disliking, and what my current interests are.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I made it completely easy for you! I still own the domain I Write About You. So, to make it easier on your part, I already set up something called URL Forwarding -- which means that whenever you type in my old URL, you will automatically be forwarded here! That simple!

Also, I changed the names from I Write About You to Nessa's Bliss on the majority of my social media! So, again, nothing for you to do on your part! 

Well, you will still get a lot of me. Hopefully, a more up close and personal feel. And, hopefully more blog posts! Like I said, I just finished school (for now), so I am hoping that with all the more "freedom" I now have, inspiration will reign over me giving you more posts to read here! 

Overall, I am super excited about this new space! And, I just wanted to thank all of you for taking the time to read some of my posts! Hopefully, you will continue to do so here on Nessa's Bliss!

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