19 April 2016

The 100 Day Project on Insta | #100dayswithnessa

Hi, guys! 
With my last exam quickly approaching, I'm getting more and more excited for the summer! I think I'm just more excited to just sit on my porch and enjoy the weather while finally catching up on my reading list.
While taking a break from studying, I was on instagram and found a fun little challenge that starts TODAY! And, in that instance, I decided to join in! So, from what I've gathered, Elle Luna is hosting The 100 Day Project where you basically share photos for 100 days of whatever theme you like.

She shared the rules/details to the challenge on her instagram, as shown in the photo above. I've also written them down below for you to follow along!
  1. Choose your action.
  2. Repeat this action for the next 100 days, and take photos!
  3. Choose a unique hashtag for your project.
  4. Have fun! The project starts on April 19, and finishes on July 27, 2016!
Since it is my first year participating in the 100 Day Project, I decided to keep it simple and share whatever my phone points towards. So the "unique" hashtag I've chose is... #100dayswithnessa

Are you joining in The 100 Day Project?? What's your hashtag?

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