08 April 2016

Shopping Online: Kate Spade Wallet

* this is not a sponsored post *

As I was spring cleaning some of my saved drafts, I realized that I've had this post. Ready. To publish. Since December. Why I didn't post it? I'm not sure. So... I decided not to let this post go to waste and finally sharing this with you all today!

Like I've mentioned in previous posts, I love my Kate Spade products. But, being a full-time student with a part-time job... I'm not entirely in love with their prices. So, I usually end up buying Kate Spade products either at their outlet stores, or whenever they have surprise online sale. And, since I am a sucker for online sales, I ended up making another purchase...

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Date of Purchase: November 24, 2015
Where? Online at Kate Spade!

Purchased: Wellesley Neda (Navy Blue)
* The navy blue in currently not in stock, but here is their neon turquoise and pillbox red *

Once again, Kate Spade never seems to disappoint! I've been using this wallet since it's arrival, and I've had nothing but good great experiences. 

First off, I love the size of the wallet. It is long enough to carry and hold more then enough cards (i.e., credit cards, store membership cards) on one side of the wallet. So, if you literally carry a store membership card to every store you shop at, and have tons of credit cards, well, this wallet is clearly for you. 

I also love how there are open spaces to keep your cash on one side, and more space to hold recipes on  the other. And, right in the centre, there is a zipper pocket to keep few (or a lot) of your coins! Talk about a lot useful storage. Or, in my case, a lot of storage to keep useless crap in.

 Let's take a look at how much I spent...

Original Price: $198.00 (before taxes)

Total Spend: $80.00 (before taxes)

Total SAVINGS: $118.00!

Like I said, I have nothing but great things to say about this purchase, and especially the wallet! And, I think you'll agree with me, the price was just as great!

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