04 April 2016

April Goals!

If you've yet to notice, I made some changes on my blog! The layout is still the same, I just changed and switched around the colour scheme. And, I LOVE IT! I love how sleek, and classy my blog looks. Sometimes, simplicity is beauty! Hopefully this change motivates me to be on here a little more!

The past 2 months have been such a struggle.  I cannot even begin to describe how school and life got in the way. And, I really do apologize for not being as active here  as I once was in the past. Hopefully, this month will be different, especially since this is my last official month of under-grad!

Let's get into the goals, shall we?

This Month's Goals!

1. Study, study, study.
Like I said, this is my last official month as an undergrad student! This means, all I have to do is get through exams, and then I will officially be done with my undergrad in university! What's next for me? Who knows what the future holds, but for now, exams are on my mind. And, with that, leads to goal #2.

2. Ace my exams!
What's better than finishing strong???

3. Don't touch the credit card.
I feel like I'm going to end up writing this goal every month. I seem to be doing really well for the first half of the month, then all of a sudden, I have this urge to spend during the second half of the month. Not sure what and where I am going wrong; need to figure it out before the spending goes out of control!

4. Stay healthy.
With this month being exam month, I can already sense the amount of junk food I'm going to resort to, and the days without sleep I will most likely go through. Therefore, another goal for this month is to stay healthy. This not only includes nutrition, but also a healthy mind. Staying positive will help me get through the upcoming stressful time. 

5. Pre-plan, schedule and post.
I already know it is going to be a struggle balancing both my exams and my blog this month. So, the goal is to preplan a few posts and schedule them ahead of time! I'm thinking of using moments, like taking a "break" from studying to watch an episode or two on netflix, to catch up on either editing posts, or writing a few.  

Do you share some of the same goals as me?

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