07 March 2016

Right Click, and Paste #2

Around this time last year, I participated in Mama Kat's Losing It writing workshop. And, as I was browsing through some of my old blog posts, I came across one titled, "Right Click, and Paste".  The idea behind it is pretty simple: right click, and paste. Whatever is pasted from your clipboard, write about it! So, hence the title of this post, I'm doing it again! 

Here is what I pasted:
I didn't even realize that I had this copied. The story behind this straightforward and not funny or fun. This will be more of a serious post, ( direction I really did not intend this post to have.

Here is the story: A friend of mine shared a Facebook post with the hashtag "justice for Oliver". I was curious... Never came across this hashtag before, and I guess I copied the hashtag and pasted it into the Facebook search engine. I came across a very disturbing post that left me both sad and angry. 

This is the original post - but, I took a screen shot for you to read yourself...
All I have to say is that the situation is extremely unsettling and upsetting. All I can do on my end is simply share the Facebook post to bring awareness to others, and in hopes to really bring justice for Oliver. Also, I will be praying for Oliver and his family. This is definitely something that should be brought to everyone's attention. 

Once again, if you want to read the original post, and perhaps share it yourself, CLICK HERE.
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