01 March 2016

March Goals

MARCH. It is March, and on my goodness has it been forever since I've posted on here. I really have no excuses, it just poor time hanging on my end when it came to studying and writing assignments, AND actually taking the time to prepare and post on here. Enough of my endless apologies, let's get to my goals for the month! 
P.S. Some of these goals might look familiar from previous posts, but thats because I need to obviously work on them again this month :) 
This Month's Goals!
1. Stay ahead.
I like the way I am currently working when it comes to my assignments. I find myself not entirely waiting until the very last minute to work on them. Starting ahead of time, even if it is one little thing helps A LOT. Definitely going to keep up this momentum until the end of the year!
2. No credit card.
I must say, this goal is definitely harder than I initially assumed it would be. This month, I really need to make more of an effort to at least use it less - especially on food (can't really return that...). OH, and I really need to stop with online shopping -- this does not help with my credit card situation. 
3. Post on here again.
I say post on here again because I was clearly absent in February. Like I said, a lot of things came up, and I didn't know how to manage everything. This month, doesn't seem too busy for school. The goal is to plan and PREPARE ahead of time; and perhaps even schedule the post! This should be fun because I have a lot of ideas for this month!
4. Re-watch Full House.
FULLER HOUSE is now on netflix!!! Obviously you knew that, everyone does. When I watched the first episode, I literally teared at the idea of how I grew up watching this show! And, all these nostalgic memories and feelings came out of nowhere. The first episode of Fuller House honestly felt like I was watching Full House for the first time again. So, I decided to re-watch all of Full House before actually finishing Fuller House! I mean, why not. 
This is a legit goal. You have to agree with me on that.. 
5. Record, edit and post a video!
I don't usually make videos, especially for my blog. If anything, I record a lot of videos on snapchat -- but it is not the same. This month, the goal is to make at least one video. It could be about anything, and I think I already have an idea for my first video idea! So, hopefully this doesn't fall through :) :) :) 
6. Hit the gym.
As of February, I can honestly say that I went to the gym at least twice a week. This month, I want to put more of an effort, and really focus on cardio. I wanna lose my tummy (the initial goal). But, my ultimate goal is to lose a healthy amount of weight for graduation, which is in June. So, I better get started.
Do you share some of the same goals as me?

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