18 March 2016

Kylie Lip Kit by Kylie Cosmetics | Review + VIDEO


I FINALLY got lucky enough to get my hands on all 7 of the Kylie Lip Kit from Kylie Jenner's makeup brad, Kylie Cosmetics! If you've been trying to get your hands on these since December, then you'd already know how quickly these lip kits have been selling out! That's why I said I was lucky. But, because demand is really high for these, I ended up making 2 separate transactions in order to get all 7! 

So... I thought it would be fun to make a video for you guys! So, pretty much EVERYTHING I would have said in this blog post is in the video. I also tried on EACH lip kit colour for you all to see, and hopefully give you a better sense of how these colours would look on someone with a lighter brown skin tone. 

Any who, each lip kit includes a liquid lipstick and a lip liner, retailing for the price of $29 USD. Pretty great deal if you ask me.... especially since you are getting BOTH.

Overall, I really love the formula and the available colours! My favourites have to be Posie K, Dolce K, and Mary Jo K! Oh, and I have to say, 22 is growing on me, don't be surprise if that will be my go-to summer fave!

Have you tried Lip Kit?? Which ones are your favourite?

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