11 March 2016

E.L.F. Online Shopping Haul

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Lately, I've been making more of a conscious effort to purchase and use that are animal cruelty free. And, being a student with a part-time job, it was just not practical and realistic for me to get rid of everything an start a new. My plan, instead, was to slowly and surely finish what I already have, and start slowly stacking up on new product.

I did a lot of research, and to my surprise, there are actually a lot of companies that do not test or hurt animals in any way shape or form. Like I said, I'm a full-time student with a part-time job... I was on a budget and decided to try a bunch of products from E.L.F (Eyes, Lips, and Face) Cosmetics.

Date of purchase: December 17, 2015 
Where? Online at E.L.F. Cosmetics 

At the time of my purchase, Target no longer exists in Canada, and Target was pretty much the only place in Canada you could buy these cosmetics. SUCKS. I had no choice and was left with purchasing a haul online. I was a bit nervous because I had to basically guess which pigmentation would look best for me... especially the foundation.

Items Purchased:

Eyebrow Kit - $3 USD 
I have to admit, when I was deciding to purchase this, the hardest part was selecting which shade would look best for me. At the end, I chose the medium shade, and I have to say this, I am EXTREMELY happy with this product. This is definitely a must have. The only con I have, is that I really (or rarely) use the powder part, mostly just the gel.

Blush - $3 USD 
I was excited about this one. After watching a few youtube reviews, a lot of beauty gurus had great things to say about the blushes (and the different shades). One thing I kept hearing was how pigmented the pigs were, and how lovely it showed on their skin. I needed a new blush anyways, so I decided why not! Turns out, I LOVE IT. Not too blatantly pink, but noticeable at the same time. Oh, I ended up purchasing the shade Tickeled Pink! 

Contour Palette - $6 USD 
When I saw this online, I was really excited to get my hands on this. I didn't really see any reviews on this particular products, besides the reviews on the actual E.L.F. website, so, I was a bit nervous. After trying it ONCE, I have to say, I did not like it. It was very messy and wore off easily. I do have to say, the they did have great pigmentation. It was just a complete miss for me, however.

Matte Lip Color - $3 USD 
I LOVED THIS. This is a must have, and I cannot believe how easy it was to apply it! I loved how it looked as if I applied lipstick on instead of this lip pencil. This was a great product. Nothing bad to say! I got the colour Scarlet Night which was a nice tone of purple; and it was bold, which was perfect for the season fall.

EX-tra Lip Gloss - $2 USD 
I purchased the color Luke, which was a nice tone of purple. (Could you tell I was really shopping for the cold season?). So where do I begin with this? Depending on my mood and the look I am going for, this product was both hit and miss for me. HIT because it has such a beautiful pigmentation; MISS because it didn't last as long on my as I expected...

Illuminating Mist and Set - $4 USD
I can honestly say I used this product a total of 3 times. I personally like it! It definitely holds my makeup in place. The only CON about this product is that I feel it makes my face look glittery.

Daily Brush Cleaner - $3 USD
Honestly, I haven't used this product yet. I really need to find the time to thoroughly clean my makeup brushes first, before I start using them again to apply makeup, and THEN use the daily brush cleaner. Something I really need to get a move on with.

Acne Fighting Foundation - $6 USD
I have to say, I was really impressed with this foundation! It was not greasy at all, which is a HUGE plus for me, and it has GREAT coverage. It really does help cover redness, acne and the acne scars I have. I haven't experienced any breakouts, but I did read others who did. 

So, I think it really depends on skin type. One CON I have to say is that after a while, my T-zone does get a bit oily/shiny. But, dabbing it or applying powder can easily fix it. This is hands down my NEW favourite foundation. I will gladly spend shipping fees just to have this product in my hands. I LOVE IT!

P.S. for this purchase, I ended up buying 2 different colours because I didn't know which would look best with my skin tone since I was purchasing online. I ended up purchasing coffee and caramel. Coffee was a bit dark on me; but caramel is literally my PERFECT shade. 

Ultimate Blending Brush - $6 USD
I haven't used this product yet -- not really sure as to why. But, I did read and watch GREAT reviews! 

11 Piece Brush Collection - $30.00 USD
This 11 piece set includes a case, eyeshadow brush, complexion brush, small angled brush, small smudge brush, fan brush, powder brush, angled foundation brush, concealer brush, small precision brush, blush brush, and contour brush.
Haven't used all of them yet -- but, I'm getting to it. So, expect a review for this shortly ;)

Overall, I honestly have to say that I am HAPPY with my purchases from E.L.F. Yes, there are some cons, but I personally experienced a lot of pros. Going cruelty free wasn't as hard as I thought, and I found just as good, if not better products from a company that doesn't test on animals than products that do. 

Have you tried E.L.F. products before? Which ones do you want to try? 
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