06 February 2016

Free Yoga Gear?? YES PLEASE!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored link. I do not earn money from any clicks. If you sign up, I do however receive a chance to earn free yoga gear. BUT, after you sign up, YOU CAN TO. = win win for us all! Also, THIS IS NOT SPAM, and YOU WON'T GET SPAMMED. Please read the post to understand!
For you chance to earn free yoga gear, click here!
Hey y'all! So, I've come across some exciting new through a friend. And, because I thought it was really GREAT news, I'd share it with you all! 

Yes I Yoga is a new store by Dhyana Fitness that is opening up in less than a month for "cheeky street-wise yoga lovers"! And, in promotion of their new store, they are giving you a chance to earn free yoga gear just by getting others to sign up! 

SIGN UP IS SO EASY by the way. You literally just have people enter in their name and email, and that's it. No confirmation links; no entering address; nothing. It is super easy and does not take up a lot of their time. And, once your friends have signed up, they can choose to get free yoga gear as well.


This offer is valid until March 31st. That means you have LESS than 2 months to receive sign ups from REAL and VALID emails. Seems easy enough for free yoga gear!
  • 5 sign ups = you earn FREE non-slip yoga toe-socks
  • 10 sign ups = you earn a FREE pair of yoga leggings (your choice of style)
  • 25 sign ups = you earn FREE yoga studio outfit (sweatshirt + leggings, your choice of style)
  • 50 sign ups = you earn FREE complete yoga wardrobe (including leggings, tank top, tote bag, and a mat!)
I think it is fun, and why not just try and get free items? Doesn't take that much effort!

Click here for you chance to start earning FREE yoga gear!
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