02 February 2016

February Goals!

Hey guys! So, it's already a new month.. so you already know what that means; a new set of goals! Or, if you me, carrying on the goals from the last month because you didn't complete them. The entire "new year, new me" is just words in my head... clearly.
This Month's Goals!

1. Do not procrastinate.
Now this goal includes everything in my life -- school, real life, and the blog. I really want to stop leaving things to last minute. I just physically cannot do it anymore, I'm not good at the whole all-nighter thing like I used to be back in high school. Like, I know it will be more beneficial and easier for me at the end if I just start things earlier.. so why haven't I??

2. Stop buying food.
I was looking at my bank transactions the other day, and really that I am constantly buying food. And, this seems to happen only when I'm on campus. Buying (expensive) food on campus actually accumulates, and I'm always left wondering what I spent my money on.... This month, I'm going to make more of an effort to pack food and snacks to school.

3. Really have to stop touching the credit card.
The credit card I mainly use is the one that is linked to my scene point -- you know, for every $1 you spend, you get 1 scene point that can go towards a free movie. I never really sat down and thought about, but in order to get that free movie, you would need 1000 points.... So, basically I have to spend $1000 for 1 free movie??? I'd rather pay the regular admission and buy large popcorn. 

Anyways, enough about ranting; the point is, I really got to just leave my credit card at home. Not worth spending money... besides, I hardly go to the movies!!!

4. Make a vlog.
One of these days, I would like to make a vlog. I've watched my favourite youtubers do it, and some of the blogs I've been reading (shoutout to Je Suis Jessica) have tried it out as well. It seems fun! The only thing that really worries me is the holding the camera out and talking to myself in public, and editing the video. The goal is make 1 this month about me and my day, or something. 

5. Have fun!
Although I've been crammed with a lot of school work, I'm forgetting that this is my last year at uni. I really should make the best of it. Who knows where I will off to next year -- a different school? a job? staying at home? (hopefully not). But, these are the years I'm going to remember; and I want to end it right by enjoying everything campus has to offer. 

Do you share some of the same goals as me?

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