18 January 2016

The Calm Before the Storm

Oh, January. How is it possible that you are flying by this quickly? Just yesterday I was starting my last semester of university. And, BAM, today I am entering the third week of January. With time flying, I need to really get out of the Christmas blues (or at least the mindset that I am still on Christmas break) and preparing myself for the storm. 
By storm I literally the flow of assignments, essays, and midterms that will pretty much take over the entire February and March. 
With January being a relatively "easy" month, it is fair to say that I have not kept up with any of my courses. I say "easy" only because it is a new semester, so the first 2-3 weeks of each course is pretty much an introduction lecture to the entire course, and then the first legit lecture - not much to it. Fairly simple. So with that, I've been doing my best to stock up on enough sleeping hours that I know I will be missing out over the next few weeks/months. 
But, being in university for 4 years now, I kind of already know what to expect - especially, from myself - I totally mean the fact that I pretty much leave everything to last minute. With it being my last year and all, I want to end it off on a good note. So, I've created a schedule in my lovely ban.do agenda that I will hopefully follow. By doing so, I am hoping either stay ahead or at least keep up with the readings for my classes - which, in turn, will allow me to worry about one less thing when it is time to study for exams. 
So, why am I telling you guys? Well, one of my 2016 resolutions was to better communicate - and, that includes communicating with my blog and followers. I am being honest up front. Although I may have a schedule with blog post ideas I want to publish on certain days (aiming at least 3 times a week), I may not necessarily have the time to actually write them down. 
Hopefully my new ways of organization will help with all that - the whole balancing school and my blog (oh, and my part-time job... but, that's something to talk about in a completely different post).
Good luck to everyone going back to school! Or who's like me and is already back in school but realizing that it's time to actually get into school mode!
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