13 January 2016

Snow in the City

Although I am not a fan of winter, I am a fan of pretty things. And, yesterday, the prettiest of snow fell onto the city. I loved it! 

It was the first time (well in my opinion) that it really snowed in the city. I think the last two times it snowed, it was merely just passing through, and there was really no evidence of snow on the ground. Yesterday, was different - different in a way where it brought back all sorts of wonderful memories. 

It was the type of snow that I fell in love with when I was younger. All these emotions came back to me, and reminded me of how much I used to love winter. How much fun I actually had when I (somewhat) helped my parents shovel the driveway, or into the soft snow with my sister , or the many fail attempts my cousins and I had when it came to making a snowman. The snow was too soft back then, we were never successful. But, sadly, we don't often see this kind of snow. And, I'm talking about the snow that is fluffy, and so white, and so soft, and not brown and slushy. 

I unfortunately didn't take as many photos as I wanted or envisioned. I'm trying to improve on my photography skills, and take more artsy or "blog-type" photos. It really is a struggle, but I'm learning and starting to get an idea of which angles to use to get the light.

I hope you enjoyed  the few well, 4 photos and 1 selfie, I took on my way to class yesterday. It's suppose to snow some more today and tomorrow. Maybe I'll start collecting photos and soon create a winter wonderland of photos in the near future! 

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