01 January 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR! + 2016 Goals

It just hit 12:00am! Do you know what that mean???? No really, do you???? You probably do, I'm just adding the hype for effect.....

It's a new year! So, Happy New Year to you all :)

And, before you think I am blog obsessed, no I am currently not sitting in front of my laptop posting this... common I'm not that silly. I actually wrote this post few hours ahead and scheduled it so that it would be posted the exact moment it turns 2015 here in Toronto! See, I guess one of my blogging goals are already coming into play ;) 
Have no idea what I'm talking about?? Well, with it being a new year and all, of course, like in the past, I have a bunch of goals set for myself for 2016. Like I said last year, sharing my goals in public actually makes me more accountable for me keeping my word. So, hopefully it works this year, and hopefully 2016 will be a successful year for moi! 
Like last year, I categorized my goals to make it more organized. That way, I know what goals I have for different aspects of my life.
2016 Goals:

Blogging Goals:
  • Blog consistently 
  • Make blogging friends 
  • Plan my posts ahead of time, and not the night before or day of
  • Keep my blog personal
  • Engage more with other bloggers 
Fitness and Health Goals:
  • Start and finish a 30-day diet 
  • Exercises consistently and regularly 
  • Lost 40 lbs (by the end of the year)
  • Walk and take the stairs more
  • Sleep regularly!
School and CareerGoals:
  • GRADUATE THIS YEAR! (#almostdone)
  • Apply to Post-Grad programs AND get into accepted into post-grad 
  • No only maintain my grades, but improve them
  • Join a club 
  • STUDY ahead of time
  • Start looking for volunteer experience in the field of abnormal development
  • Volunteer at a hospital 
Personal Goals:
  • Stay positive 
  • Get out of my comfort zone 
  • Smile more 
  • Take more photos of life 
  • Stop using my credit card 
  • Write in my journal 

I mean, this is just the gist of my goals. I'm sure as the days go by in 2016, I'll realize I have a lot more goals to add onto this list. 

Happy New Year to all of you lovely bloggers, internet friends and all of your families! I hope 2016 will be great for you all! Let's start of the year positive and with some love!

Cheers, 2016! Let's do this! 
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