08 January 2016

Cyber Monday: The Body Shop

First off, I know my title says Monday, and today is obviously Friday.... sorry but, this is a late post as I made this purchase on Cyber Monday, a really long time ago, oops! Regardless, I saved a lot on this purchase, and I thought that I would take the tim  e to share it with you all.

Date of purchase: November 30, 2015 
Where? Online at The Body Shop 

For cyber Monday, the Body Shop offered 50% SITE WIDE. As a frequent shopper at the body shop, I thought that this was a great deal, and I didn't stop myself from stocking up on some of the favourites. On top of that, they were offering free shipping for purchases over $60.00, and offered free samples for purchases over $75.00.

Along with the site-wide promotions, I am a store member, which entitles me to 10% off of my purchase.  Also, I had a store promo code (at that time) that took an additional $15.00 off of purchases over $65.00. So, I ultimately decided that it was time to pull the credit card out of my wallet, and make the purchase! 

Items Purchased:
  1. Camomile Range Muslin Cleansing Cloth (reg: $5.00; sale: $2.50) x2
  2. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash (reg: $12.00; sale: $6.00) x2
  3. Paddle Hairbrush (reg: $12.00; sale: $6.00) x1
  4. Skin Primer Matte It (reg: $16.00; sale: $8.00) x6
  5. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser (reg: $13.00; sale: $6.50) x1
I'm happy with my purchases! I'm even happier at how much I ultimately saved ;)

Original Price: $155.00 (before taxes)
Total Spent: $45.75 (before taxes) 
Total SAVINGS: $109.25

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