29 December 2015

How I Spent My Christmas!

Oh, hey everyone! I know, you're probably wondering where I've been for the past, what almost 2 weeks? That's my fault, I've been wanting to post on here everyday, and if you see my drafts, I have around 9 half way finished. Not sure what the holidays are doing to me, but I was not in the mood of sitting in front of my laptop upon hours... I know that's not the "right" thing to say, but I'm being honest. It's the holiday, and I am just trying to relax and live it up as much as I can! 

Since Christmas was just a few days ago, I thought I would give you a insight of how I spent my Christmas! It was full of laughter and fun as well as family. It was a great way to spend Christmas, with family!
My family started off the Christmas va-cay by attending my father's work Christmas party. I usually love attending these Christmas parties because I like to see my dad have fun and make jokes with the other managers, and owners of the place. I also love the restaurants/ buffets that are usually chosen for such occasions!

This year we went to an Indian buffet, one in which I've never been to before. The place was quite smaller than I expected, but nevertheless the food was amazing! I never had a variety of Indian food available to me before, but the selection from meats to vegetables to deserts was absolutely delicious!
On Christmas day, the family and I enjoyed our time at a family friend's house. They recently bought themselves a new house, and so we thought it was best fitting for them to host the Christmas party this year, as well as do a combined house warming party. Why not? It's an excuse to party, no?

The day went off great! I got to spend some time with the cousins I haven't spent time with since the school year started, and we ate some amazing food prepared by my aunt. Now that I think about it, I wish I took more photos. But, then I realized that I did take a lot of silly snapchat videos that I shared over my story. I really got to remember to take photos; not just videos!

Anyways, as the evening started to approach, it was time for my family to head off to my aunt's place. Not only was it Christmas, but it was also her birthday! So, we thought it would be best to spend the rest of evening with her and her kids on such an occasion.

This is where things started to get interesting; my little cousin got an Easy Bake for Christmas, and she said she had yet to use it. And, voila! We got the idea to see if Easy Bake really works. And, of course being me, I documented the entire thing through snapchat. I really could have done a vlog-type step-by-step video of what we did; but that wouldn't be as spontaneous!

Guess what? Easy Bake was a success, and although the portion of the size of the cake we made wasn't enough, it was still a fun process to go through with the little ones. They quite enjoyed the cake, and their mom was just as surprised as we were to find the taste of the cake quite edible! So, that was fun.

And, although it may not be seem as the funnest thing to do, I honestly value quality time over quantity time, especially with family. So, I thought Christmas was a really great day, I loved it!

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