06 November 2015

Shopping Online: The Body Shop

Happy Friday, friends! Today's post is going to get straight to the point, especially since it is a gloomy Friday. Don't really want to keep anyone away from making a nice bowl of popcorn and watching some Netflix! I know I will (except for the popcorn part! aha).

Anyways, the other day I made another purchase online, and this time it was from The Body Shop. Nowadays, with almost everyone's favourite cosmetic brands easily testing on animals, one of the main reasons I love shopping at this store is because they DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS  as certified by Cruelty Free International. With Penelope (my bunny) in my life, I'm slowly become more and more conscious on what I put on my face. Especially eye products, I think its so unfair the way they treat bunnies :(

This time around, I decided to stick to the essentials (instead of buying something for the blog). Common, let's be real. Sometimes we have those tendencies to buy something just to blog about something in a later date. But, like i said, with the deal I was faced with, I decided to stick to what I really needed, and this involved VITAMIN E products for my body and face. 

The store and online store promotion they were having that week of my purchase was BUY 3 get 3 FREE. I mean, I could have easily gone to the store and purchased it there, but during the last 24 hours of this promotion sale, they offered FREE SHIPPING. Soo, I ultimately decided to be lazy and save a trip to the mall! 

Items Purchased:
  1. Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream (regular: $20.00)
  2. Vitamin E Body Butter (regular: $20.00)
And, as you could see the statement that was emailed to me, I SAVED a lot. Don't believe me? Just check it out below! 

So, I decided to calculate. By the look of my purchase confirmation (photo above) I literally got 6 items for the value of 3! Let's take a look at it this way:

Original Price: $120.00 (before taxes w/o shipping)

Total Spend: $60.00 (before taxes w/o shipping)

Total SAVINGS: $60.00!

I know at times emails can be seriously annoying, but I really find that if you take the time to read each email through, you will be surprised at the AMAZING details a store is either having online or in stores, or even both! So, definitely take the time to check those out, especially with The Body Shop. I always find them having amazing deals to look forward to every week!

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