24 November 2015

Past and Current Aspirations

When I was 5 years old, I wanted to be a doctor. In fact, it was the only option I knew that was available to me. Yes... growing up, I had those parents who told I had to become a doctor. Looking back, it was bitter sweet - I was motivated enough to get the grades I needed for school, but... I was also more and more confused when subjects began to get hard, and I was questioning about my path to becoming a doctor.

But, at the age of 5, I though being a doctor was the greatest job ever! And, I have to thank my paediatrician for that. I had such a great experience with doctors because of that amazing man. He made it fun to go to the doctor. And, as much as I hated needles (still kind of do), he did an amazing job distracting me for the 10 seconds of the needle. So, I wanted to be like him. I wanted to do what he did... and I wanted to just have fun with other children while helping them.

However, when I got to high school, and started taking the science courses like biology and chemistry, reality started to set in. My memorization skills in biology was not up to par, and my application skills in chemistry, was literally non-existent. Trust me, I am not exaggerating... chemistry was a nightmare for me, and I realized that it would only get harder in my pathway to become a doctor.

And, thats when my life started to get confusing. But, I mean, that's the process right?

Now, I'm currently in my fourth year of university.  I am doing a double major in psychology and anthropology. I always had a love for psychology; but, because of the different courses I took, I think I love child psychology, but more importantly childhood disorders. I honestly the different disorders interesting, especially their onsets and treatment. Something I am definitely considering in specializing when I apply for grad school.

So, thats the plan! Applying for grad school for clinical psychology after university, and hopefully fulfilling my dream to work with children! But, if grad school doesn't work out (knock on wood), I'll also be applying for nursing. So, if that pathway happens for me, I'll definitely specialize in peds.

Can't you tell I want to have a medical career with children :)

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